The Chinese/English bilingual quarterly China Patents & Trademarks is an IP law publication
 sponsored by China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. The journal commenced publication in April 1985
 and is published in Hong Kong for worldwide distribution.



Index (No.1-3/1985,Vol. 1- 3)
Diffusing Legal Knowledge and Boosting Economic Development Zou Yu 85.2    8
Lay Our Stress in Absorbing Foreign Investment in China Feng Tianshun   85.2   13
Questions Regarding the Taxation of Equipment Exported to China...  Dong Yougan 85.2    91
Trust is the Basis of Cooperation and Law its Safeguard Gu Ming 85.3   10
A Survey of the Legislation of Chinese Economic Laws Involving Foreign Affairs Wang Zhengming 85.3   16
On Protection of Property Rights of Technology  Cao Jiarui  85.3   20
Developing International Economic and Technological Cooperation Zhao Chunhua  85.3   26
Getting Ready for the Enforcement of Patent Law of PRC and Promoting Trade with Foreign Countries  Ren Jianxin 85.1    7
The PRC is Going to Put into Effect Her Patent Law Huang Kunyi 85.1   13
Patent Law and Technology Transfer Cao Jiarui 85.1   20
Foreign-Related Patent Agency System in China  Fang Yangchun 85.1   26
Some Questions of Interest to Foreigners about the Chinese Patent Law Liu Gushu  85.1   31
What is Demonstrated by Passing off of @EVEREADY@ Battery   CPA 85.1   36
Patent Protection of Chemical Inventions in China Shen Yaozeng 85.2   17
Filing Patent or Trademark Applications in China Through China Patent Agent (HK) Ltd Yang Kai 85.2    29
How Foreigners Should File Patent Applications Involving Micro-Organisms in China Hu Zuochao 85.2   51
The Patent System is in Change Huang Kunyi 85.3   35
Patent Protection in China is the Prerequisite for Importation of Foreign Technology Liu Gushu 85.3   39
Opposition Procedure and its Role Ma Lianyuan 85.3   44
Patent Litigation in China Meng Qingfa 85.3   49
Answers to Questions Concerning the Implementing Regulations of Chinese Patent Law  Wang Zhengfa,Lo 85.3 104
Analysis of the Conditions of Patent Application in the Past Five Months  Patent Office 85.3 110
Trademark Work in Rapid Development in China  Hao Zhixin 85.1   22
Chinese Trademark Law and Practice Lu Pushun 85.2   22
Patent Law of the PRC   85.1   45
Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the PRC    85.1   57
Guide to filing Patent Applications in China   85.1   71
Trademark Law of the PRC   85.1   78
Implementing Regulations Under Trademark Law    85.1   83
Provisional Regulations on Claims of the Right of Priority   85.1   87
An Introduction to the Foreign Economic Contract Law of the PRC  Wang Shoumao 85.2   66
New Problems in the Transfer of the Right to Use Patented Technologyin JVs  Chu Baotai,Dong 85.3   94
Arbitration Cases Concerning the responsibilities of the Party Failing to Fulfil CO  Dong Yougan 85.3   99

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