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Index (No.1-4/1987,Vol. 8-11)
China's Judicial System for the Protection of Intellectual Property Ren Jianxin 87.1


Industrial Property in the People's Republic of China -- Justified Expectations (ll)  Erich Haeusser 87.1 27
A Brief Account of the New York Convention of 1958  Liu Shaoshan 87.2  9
The Common Rules of Civil Law and Intellectual Property    Guo Shoukang 87.3 98
The Implementation of the Chinese Patent Law: Review and Forecast Huang Kunyi  87.1 14
The United Kingdom Patent Office P.J. Cooper 87.1 20
The Legal Protection of Computer Software and its Trend of Development: a Tentative Discussion    Zheng Chengsi 87.1 34
Problems in Certain Patent Applications by Foreign Applicants: An Analysis  Yang Zhengwu 87.1 40
Opposition Procedure for Invention and Utility Model in the Patent Office of the PRC Wu Boming  87.1 51
Speed up the Examination of Applications for Patent through Close Cooperation  Lin Qiang 87.1  55
Answers to Questions Submitted by Mr. Wang Yilin  Liu Gushu 87.1  73
The New Spanish Patent Law of March 20, 1986 (1)   Alberto de 87.1 89
Essentials for the Drafting of U.S. Patent Specifications and Claims (Cont'd) James E. Armstr 87.1  96
The Second National Conference on Patent Work Lu Guangcan 87.1 107
An Analysis of the Current State of Patent Application and Approval  Ge Bo 87.2 25
Some Common Problems in Applications from Foreign Countries for Patent in China Fang Yangchun 87.2 33
Work of the Patent Re-examination Board is Making Headway   Zhao Chunshan 87.2 39
The New Spanish Patent Law of March 20, 1986 (2)... Alberto 87.2 91
Essentials for the Drafting of U.S. Patent Specifications and Claims (Cont'd)
 James E. Armstr  87.2 98
Patent Examination in China Shen Yaozeng 87.3  7
Conditions Constituting Patent Infringement Yin Xintian  87.3 15
Problems in Applying for Chemical Patents in China Li Luoying 87.3 27
The Similarities and Dissimilarities Between the Patent Laws of PRC & USA  Li Cang 87.3 32
Essentials for the Drafting of U.S. Patent Specifications and Claims (Cont'd)    James E.Armstro 87.3 89
The Protection of Inventions Involving Micro-organisms by the Chinese Patent Law   Hu Zuochao 87.4 17
A Tentative Analysis of A Patent Application Document  Chen Ruifeng 87.4  24
Some Points about Patent Examination Qi Zhiqiang 87.4 32
Computer-Aided Examination of Patents for Invention -- Can It be Realized?  Zhang Jinghai 87.4  63
Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright in the Federal Republic of Germany (1)  Wolfgang 87.4  70
The 1986 US Tax Law -- Its Ramification and Impact on Intellectual Property Activities Charles E.Mille 87.4 77
Essentials for the Drafting of US Patent Specifications and Claims (Cont'd) James E. Armstr 87.4  82
Registration and Administration of Trademarks in China Duan Youlin 87.1 45
An Exposition of the Focal Points in the Chinese Trademark Law Liu Gushu  87.2  43
Foreign Trademarks in Chinese Characters Tang Yongchun 87.3 40
On the Importance of Registering Trademarks in China by Foreign Enterprises  Lu Pushun 87.4 36
Formulating the Copyright Law and Opening to the World Hu Mingzheng   87.2 103
Printing and Publishing in China and Foreign Countries and the Evolution of Concept of Copyright (1)   Zheng Chengsi 87.4 41
China's Investment Environment Constantly Improving    Zeng Junwei 87.1 59
Technology as Investment in Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures: Legal & Implementation Problems Involved Chu Baotai  87.2 15
Technology Transfer-- China's Outlook and Future Needs Wang Zhengfa   87.2 52
An Introduction to China's Licensing Trade Chi Shaojie 87.2  60
A Few Practical Points in Technology Import Zhao Chunhua 87.3  47
New Situation of International Investment in China & China's New Lawfor Foreign Investment  Chu Baotai,Dong 87.4  7
Problems Concerning Licence Trade Conducted by Foreigners in China Cao Xianzhi 87.4 46
Arbitration Cases Handled by the Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, CCPIT   Dong Yougan 87.1 101
Foreign --Related Disputes Properly Handled by Chinese Arbitration Organs  Qi Jinliang 87.2 101
How to Resolve Disputes through Mediation   Dong Yougan 87.3 94


China Technology Trade (H.K.) Ltd Formally Opened Pei Xin 87.3 106

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