The Chinese/English bilingual quarterly China Patents & Trademarks is an IP law publication
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 and is published in Hong Kong for worldwide distribution.



Index (No.1-4/1989,Vol. 16-19)
Strive to Provide Services for Development of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Zheng Hongye 89.2 6
The Establishment and Development of the Friendly Cooperative Relationship Between China and AIPPI   Ren Jianxin 89.3 7
A General Survey of Intellectual Property Protection in China... Gao Lulin  89.4  8
Development Trend of Patent Application for Invention in China Shen Yaozeng 89.1  6
The Protection of Know-how Tang Zongshun 89.1 10
Selecting and Stating Reasons for Opposition to Patent Applications for Invention and Utility Model  Yuan De 89.1 15
Problems in Arbitrating Disputes over the Right to Apply for a Patent Wen Xikai  89.1 20
Cross Action in Patent Infringement Ligigation Lei Shengyun   89.1 23
Dispute between an Entity and an Individual over the Patent Right    Zhang Daming 89.1 37
A Case of Request for Patent Invalidation Zhang Zunkui 89.1 39
High Estimation and Eager Expectations -- A summary of suggestions from international industrial property circles for the amendment of the Chinese Patent Law  Group of Study 89.1 58
On the Legal Protection of Utility Models Hu Zuochao  89.1 72
Why China is Considering Patent Law Revision Ma Lianyuan  89.1 76
Invention/Creation -- Lever of Economic Vitalization Wu Heng  89.2  11
Answers to Questions Concerning Patent Protection for Chemical Inventions in China Li Luoying   89.2 23
The Trend in the Protection of Intellectual Property as Viewed from the Legislation on Semiconductor Chips  Chen Zhonghua 89.2 27
Patentability of Inventions Containing Computer Programs Zhang Jinghai 89.2 32
How to Make Adaptive Amendments to the Description on the Basis of the Amended Claims Wu Guanle 89.2 36
A Patent for Utility Model Taken from Another Person is Declared Livalid Zhang Changxing 89.2 63
An Oral Hearing on Patent Invalidation Luo Yanan   89.2 65
Domestic Priority in the United States -- A Useful Reference Long Guangying 89.2 92
The System and Current Status of Patent Agency in China Liu Gushu  89.3 14
A Brief Analysis of Patent Right Invalidation in the Chinese Patent System Based on Serveral Figures Zhao Yuanguo 89.3 20
The Scope of Protection for Patents for Utility Model in China Hao Qingfen  89.3 23
On the Technique of Drafting Claims in the Field of Chemistry   Lin Qiang 89.3 28
The Scope of Patent Right is Determined by the Contents of the Claims Sun Zhenduo 89.3  59
The Simple Substitution of One Material for Another in a Component of the Product Does Not Fall within the Scope of Utility Model Production Xu Guowen 89.3 61
The Protection of Trademarks and Patents in China Liu Gushu 89.4 17
The Trend of Development of Patent Law in Various Countries  Ma Yaoyang 89.4  31
Explorings into the Objects of Patent Protection Yin Xintain 89.4 26
The "Principle of Request" in the Handling of Requests for Invalidation Luo Yanan 89.4 54
 The End of A System Thierry Orlhac 89.4 73
On the Inventiveness of Improvement Inventions Sun Zhenduo 89.4 56
The Chinese Trademark Law Can Effectively Stop Trademark Infringing Acts -- Case of passing off SHARP trademark strictly dealt with Duan Junsheng 89.1  26
Trademark Design -- A Simple Analysis (II) Cai Dewang   89.1 31
Strengthen the Protection of the Exclusive Right to Use a Trademark in Opening to the Outside World ...............................................   Gan Guoping 89.2 43
Examples of Trademark Design - A Simple Analysis (III) Cai Dewang 89.2 50
Examples of Trademark Design -- A Simple Analysis (IV) Cai Dewang 89.3 43
Examples of Trademark Design -- A Simple Analysis (V) Cai Dewang   89.4 37
Problems in Author's Right Legislation in China Liu Chuntian 89.2 58
An Important Task Prior to the Promulgation of the Copyright Law Zheng Chengsi 89.3 54
The Important Role of Copyright in Social Development Shen Rengan 89.4 44
Legal Aspects of Licensing Technology Jerome Alan & d 89.1 45
A Brief Introduction to Chinese Laws on Technology Import Xiao Zhiming 89.2  81
Opinions about Developing China's Technology Export Ai Rongfu 89.4 83
Foreign-related Arbitration Work in China Xiao Zhiming 89.4 49
First Annual Acadamic Meeting Held by China Industrial Property Society Zhen Hua 89.1 98
German-Chinese Symposium on Technology Transfer Held in Frankfurt Xu Xiaorong 89.1 103
Supreme Court President Inspects Shenzhen Office of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Our Corresponde 89.2 16
WIPO International Symposium on the World Patent System in the 21st Century to be Held in Beijing  Our Corresponde 89.3 107
China-EEC Symposium on Legal and Practical Aspects of Investment in China Held in Beijing

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