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Index (No.1-4/1990,Vol. 20-23)
The Beijing Declaration...    90.3 11
Constant Development in Trade Promotion Work Zheng Hongye 90.1 6
Marking the Fifth Anniversary of the Coming into Force of the Chinese Patent Law - Speech at the Prize-giving Ceremony for Article on Patent Subjects Solicited Liu Gushu 90.2 14
Law for World Peace and Development  Ren Jianxin 90.3 5
The Practice and Development of the Chinese Industrial Property System  Liu Gushu 90.4 8
The Influence of a Conflicting Patent Application on Novelty  Tang Zongshun 90.1 19
Chinese Patent Law Amplified and Developed in Reform and Openness  Qiao Dexi 90.1 23
Nonessential Features and Defects in the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the PRC Wu Bingfen 90.1 28
China Patent Office Practice and Patent Agencies' Practice - a foreigner's view  Marion Tonhardt 90.1 31
How to Determine the Most Closely Related Prior Art and Use It for Demarcation   Yuan De 90.1 34
An Example of Determining "Public Use" in Patent Law - a product or process having been sold as a commodity  Luo Yanan 90.1 58
The Present Status and Prospects of Comprehensive Automation in the Patent Work of China  Gao Lulin 90.2  8
A Letter from Mr. Liu Gushu Sending Chinese New Year Greetings to Dr. Erich Hausser   Liu Gushu 90.2 15
Responsibility of Patent Offices for Enhancement and Dissemination of Technical and Scientific Information Dr. Erich Hauss  90.2 19
Mediating and Hearing Cases of Patent Dispute in China  Hu Zuochao 90.2 25
An Analysis of the Definition of a Utility Model in China  Hao Qingfen 90.2 30
How to Determine the Most Closely Related Prior Art and Use It for Demarcation (Concl.)  Yuan De 90.2 35
Compromise and Conciliation in Patent Litigation in China Fang Peng 90.2  42
A Summary of Patent Infringement Litigation in China Yang Jinqi 90.2  66
Sharp Increase in Cases of Patent Reexamination and Invalidation in China  Zhao Yuanguo 90.2 71
The Number of Foreign-Related Patent Applications Increasing Yearly among Requests for Reexamination  Fu Shen 90.2 72
Re-reading the Chinese Patent Law Song Yonglin 90.3  15
An Inquiry into Problems of Intellectual Property Protection for Biotechnological Inventions  Hu Xiuzhou 90.3 24
The Essentials of Drafting Independent Claims Wu Guanle 90.3 32
The Drafting of Claims for Composition Inventions Zhang Qingkui 90.3 38
Legal Status of the Patent Administrative Authority Peng Guangya  90.3 42
Patent Right of a Citizen Protected by Law Yang Jinqi 90.3 64
A Case of Reexamination Involving Mistakes in Translation  Zhang Shuhua 90.3 67
The Meaning of "Made Known to the Public" - A Tentative Discussion Yin Xintian 90.4 19
On the Qualities of a Patent Agent Song Changzhu 90.4  28
The Strengthening of Patents for Process and the Limited Protection of Chemical Substances  Huang Yifen 90.4 33
The Independent Claim and the Task of the Invention Zhang Huahui 90.4  37
On the Technique of Drafting Observations Lin Qiang 90.4 42
The Legal System of China Regarding Trademarks Li Jizhong 90.1 40
Examples of Trademark Design - A Simple Analysis (VI)  Cai Dewang 90.1  49
Trademark Litigation in China Today Ou Wanxiong, Yang Yexuan  90.2  47
Foreign Trademarks in China Deng Shaoxi 90.2 54
nfringement of the Exclusive Right to Use the Designs of the Registered Trademark "Mickey Mouse" and "Donald Duck" Penalized in HangzhouI  Shang Biao 90.2 70
More enterprises Punished for Making and Selling Computers Passing Off the IBM Trademark Gong Shang 90.2 73
China's Legal System of Trademarks Li Jizhong 90.3 49
Trademarks vs Names of Pharmaceutical Products Deng Shaoxi 90.3 56
The Development of the Chinese Trademark System Liu Li 90.4 49
"Copyright" and "Author's Right" as They Are Understood in China Shen Rengan 90.1 55
Industrial Copyright - Arriving at the Same Destination of Software Protection by Different Routes Zheng Chengsi 90.2 60
On the Assumption of the Nature of Commodities by Literary and Artistic Works vis-a-vis Copyright Protection Shen Rengan 90.3 61
Copyright: Its Succession and Its Transfer by Operation of Law (I) Zheng Chengsi 90.4 57
A Case of Trademark Infringement Satisfactorily Concluded Yang Jinqi 90.4 60
A Case of Reexamination in Which the Reason for Rejection is Changed Deng Yahu 90.4 64
Implementing Regulations of the Quality Licence System for Imported Electromechanical Commodities (for Trial Implementation)   90.1 60
Provisional Regulations of Hebei Province on the Administration of Enterprises with Foreign Investment   90.1 64
Preferences for Taiwan Investors Explained   90.1  68
Two Announcements of the Patent Office of the PRC   90.2  75
Interim Provisions for Overseas Foreign Exchange Donations   90.2 76
SAEC Rules on Administration of Registration of Foreign Exchange (Transfered) Loans   90.2 78
Interim Procedures of Guangzhou Municipality for the Leasing of Property Right of State-Owned Industrial Enterprises   90.2 81
The Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures   90.3  70
Procedures for Exemption of Import/Export Commodities from Inspection (for Trial Implementation)   90.3 73
Procedures for Re-inspection of Import/Export Commodities (for Trial Implemention)   90.3 75
Shenyang Offers Preferential Treatment to Foreign Investors   90.3 77
Procedures for the Lodging of Complaints by Foreign-invested Enterprises in Shanghai and Their Handling   90.3 81
Interim Procedures for the Administration of Foreign Investment in the Development and Management of Whole Areas of Land   90.4  68
A Notice Issued by the Chinese Patent Office Concerning the Handling of Problems Related to the Deposit of Microorganisms   90.4 71
Procedures of the Chinese Patent Office for Implementing the Notice Concerning the Handling of Problems Related to the Deposit of Microorganisms   90.4 72
Forming Section Steel by One-Pass Cold Drawing   90.1  88
Restrictive Commercial Clauses in Technology Transfer Contracts Yang Bing 90.3 90
The Prospect of Foreign Investment in China in the 1990s Chu Baotai 90.4 76
Fujian Province Proposes 508 Projects   90.4  83
Hangzhou Seeks Foreign Partners for Economic Cooperation   90.4  88
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (Jul.-Sept., 1989)    90.1 85
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1989   90.2  89
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1989)   90.2 90
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China 1989   90.2 93
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1990)   90.3 98
Reference Material Ma Yaoyang 90.3 102
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1990)   90.4 92
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China for the First Half of 1990   90.4 95
Hi-Tech Projects for Foreign Cooperation   90.1 74
Shandong Peninsula Makes New Requests for Foreign Cooperation   90.1 80
Selected Projects for Economic and Technical Cooperation in Nanjing   90.1 82
Power Speculars   90.1 89
Rotating Spray Head for Tower Granulator   90.2  97
A Pulverized Coal Burner with a Flame Stabilizer   90.2 100
New Products from Quantum   90.2 103
Hebei Offers Projects for Foreign Cooperation   90.3 93
Tianjin Seeks Partners for Its Newly Launched Projects   90.3  96
A Catalyst for Hydrorefining of Distillates   90.3 104
Fancy Yarn Twisting Process and Equipment   90.3 106
A New Type of Air Cooled Bainitic Steel   90.3 109
Full-Floating Guide Hook-Disc Heart Valve Prosthesis   90.4 100
Stern Tube Seal Unit   90.4 103
Balancing Valve and Its Intelligent Instrument   90.4 104
Manufacturing Technique for Louver Radiator   90.4 105
Worldwide Symposium on the International Patent System in the 21st Century Held in Beijing Ren Wei 90.1 9
Opening Address by Dr. Arpad Bogsch   90.1 12
Introductory Remarks at the Symposium by Dr. Arpad Bogsch   90.1 16
Trends in International Intellectual Property Right Protection   90.1  92
Chinese Trademark Office Begins to Handle Trademark Inquiries Ye Xuan 90.1 96
Appellation of Origin "Champagne" Protected in China Ye Xuan 90.1 97
Business Groups from Mainland and Taiwan Sign Agreement in Hong Kong Our Reporter 90.1 97
The 14th Conference on the Law of the World to be Held in Beijing   90.2 104
All-China Patent Agents Association Functioning Briskly   90.2 105
Trends in International Intellectual Property Right Protection   90.2 108
The 14th Conference on the Law of the World Held in Beijing Our Reporter 90.3 8
China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Joins in U.S. Festivities Zhu Jie 90.3 112
Scientist Qian Weichang Visits China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd Ren Wei 90.4 106
Trends in International Intellectual Property Right Protection   90.4 108

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