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Index (No.1-4/1991,Vol. 24-27)
The International Trend of Development of the Patent System and the Focal Point of Controversy Gao Lulin 91.4 10
Strengthen the Exploitation of Patented Technology and Promote the Prosperity of Patent Undertakings Gao Lulin 91.1 5
Sum up the Past, Look Forward to the Future and Render Better Service to the Industrial Property Undertakings in China Zheng Songyu 91.3  6
Questions of World-wide Interest in Connection with the Chinese Copyright Law Liu Gushu 91.4 21
Strengthen the Protection of the Patent Right Tang Zongshun 91.1  9
On the Mechanism of the Utility Model Protection System and the Necessity of Practising the Patent System for Utility Model in China  Hao Qingfen 91.1 18
"At Least" and the Scope of Patent Protection Wu Bingfen 91.1 27
Points To Be Noted in Requesting an Extension of the Time Limit for Presenting Observations to the Chinese Patent Office Wu Xiaoming 91.1 29
An Inquiry into Questions Concerning High Polymer Compositions Li Qiang 91.1 33
On Patents for Product with Specified Use Zhang Qingkui 91.1 36
An Analysis of the Situation in Patent Application Examination and Approval in 1990 Shen Yaozeng 91.2 7
China's Patent Reexamination and Invalidation in 1990 Zhao Yuanguo 91.2 12
On the Amendment of Patent Application Documents Chen Daiyuan 91.2 16
How to Understand and Apply Legal Provisions Concerning Claims Zhang Huahui 91.2 21
The Drafting of Oppositions to Patent Applications for Invention and Utility Model Wu Guanle 91.3 13
Intellectual Property Infringement Disputes and Ways to Their Settlement Hu Mingzheng 91.3 16
China's Patent System for Utility Model Viewed from the Angle of Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Zhao Chunshan 91.3 19
"Trial" or "Commercial Use and Sale"? ---Taking a look at the criterion of "known to the public" in the light of a decision on invalidation Yin Xintian 91.3 21
Another View on "At Least" and the Conditions of Its Use Pu Maiwen 91.3 24
An Introduction to Chinese Patent Documentation --- An Important Source of New Technical Information Ma Lianyuan 91.4 26
A Preliminary Assessment of the Practice of the Chinese Patent System in the Past Six Years Lu Zhiying 91.4 32
A Comparative Study of the Patent Laws on the Two Sides of the Straits Wu Boming 91.4 41
Principles and Methods of Equivalency Considerations in German Patent Litigation Dr. Heinz Goddar 91.4 54
The Legal Features of Administrative Proceedings for Patent Disputes in China Shen Jungui 91.4 62
The German Patent Office after Reunification Dr.ErichHausser 91.2 89
The German Patent Office after Reunification (II) Dr.ErichHausser 91.3 28
The Proliferation of Fake and Inferior Pharmaceuticals in China Should Be Tackled Comprehensively Wang Zhengfa 91.1 40
Administrative Proceedings for Trademark Cases Zhuge Beihua 91.2 26
A New Point of Departure for China's Trademark Work Yang Yexuan 91.2 31
Chinese Trademark System Constantly Amplified and Perfected Zhong Yi 91.2 34
On the Nature, Function and Special Features of Trademarks Li Jizong 91.3 33
A Study on the Trademark Strategy and Tactics of Enterprises Zhang Jiaxiang 91.3 38
On the Question of Improperly Registered Trademarks Fan Hanyun 91.4 68
The Coordinated Protection of Trademark Right, Copyright and Patent Right for Utility Model Li Zhijun 91.4 73
The European Trademark Directive and Regulation for Community Trademarks Matthieu J.M. van 91.4 78
A Highly Significant Step --- Hailing the Birth of the Copyright Law of the PRC Shen Rengan 91.1 46
Copyright: Its Succession and Its Transfer by Operation of Law (II) Zheng Chengsi 91.1 50
Copyright Protection in China Copyright Law Stud 91.2 42
On the Features of the Chinese Copyright Law Shen Rengan 91.2 52
Disputes over the Attribution of Copyright in China and the Legal Procedures for Their Resolution Shen Jungui 91.2 56
On the Scope of Application of the Chinese Copyright Law Liu Song 91.3 44
The Objects of Protection by the Chinese Copyright Law Liu Chuntian 91.3 48
On "Fair Dealing" in the Chinese Copyright Law Liu Song 91.4 83
China's Regulations on Computer Software Protection Ying Ming 91.4 86
A Brief Introduction to Regulations in Some Regions of China for the Repression of Unfair Competition Wen Xikai 91.2 63
An Inquiry into the Question of Application of China's Laws for the Repression of Unfair Competition Liang Yu 91.4 90
Act of Unfair Competition by Wendeng Distillery Repressed by People's Court According to Law Yang Jinqi 91.1 54
A Patent Application for Design Cannot Be Taken as an Interference Application in a Patent Application for Utility Model Wang Xiaohui 91.1 57
The Issue Number of a Publication Cannot Be Taken as Evidence of its Publication Date Zhao Jiaxiang 91.1 59
A Party Committing an Act of Indirect Infringement of the Patent Right Should Assume the Responsibility of Compensating for Injury According to Law. Yang Jinqi 91.3 53
A Patent for Design Declared Invalid Zhao Jiaxiang 91.3 56
China's Preferential Policy for Encouraging Investment by Foreign Firms Chu Baotai 91.3 61
Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China   91.1 65
Procedures for the Administration of Financial Institutions with Foreign Capital in Shanghai   91.1 73
Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises   91.2 72
Procedures for the Control of Imported Pharmaceuticals   91.2 83
Implementing Regulations of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China   91.3 70
Regulations on Computer Software Protection   91.3  77
Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China for Enterprises with Foreign Investment and Foreign Enterprises   91.3 84
Appendix: Minister of Finance on the New Income Tax Law Concerning Foreign-funded Enterprises and Foreign Enterprises   91.3 90
Regulations for the Administration of the Registration of Enterprise Names   91.4 95
Regulations on Patent Agency   91.4 101
Proclamation No.31 Issued by the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China   91.4 104
Views on China's Intellectual Property Protection System --- A Letter from Mr. Justice Liu Tsz-ming   91.1 79
Zhuhai SEZ Seeks Foreign Investors for Project Cooperation   91.1 87
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1990)   91.1 91
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1990   91.2 92
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1990)   91.2 93
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China 1990   91.2 96
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (1st Quarter 1991)   91.3 93
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (2nd Quarter 1991)   91.4 105
Casting-Forging Technology for Low Plasticity Al-Si-Cu Alloy Connecting Rods   91.1 94
The Composition of a Sulphur-Containing Suspension as Agricultural Fungicide and Acaricide --- A 50% Sulphur Suspension   91.1 96
An Insertion-Type Tangential Turbine Flow Transducer   91.1 97
External Diaphragm Pacemaker Respirator   91.1 98
Bovine Theileria Annulata Vaccine and Its Production Method   91.2 101
Radial Floating Type External Gear Pump and Gear Motor   91.2 102
Water-Glass Grouting Material for Soil Strengthening and Anti-seeping   91.2 103
Anti-interference Voltage Regulator   91.2 104
Modified Annular Casing Centrifugal Pump   91.3 99
FDW-1 None-Amine Type Catalyst for Hydrodewaxing   91.3 101
An Ultra-high Strength Diphase Aged Stainless Steel   91.3 102
High Voltage Composite Insulator   91.3 103
A Reinforced Concrete Load-Bearing Pile with Multi-branches and Enlarged Footing and Its Forming Equipment   91.3 105
China Center for Type Culture Collection   91.2 106
General Meeting Held by Chinese Group of AIPPI Gu Ming 91.1 99
Delegation of All-China Patent Agents Association Visits Japan Jin Jimin 91.1 99
Symposium on Commercial & Industrial Administration in China Held in Hong Kong Xiao Hai 91.1 101
China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Participates in International Exhibition of Patented & New Technologies/Products Our Reporter 91.1 102
National Forum on Trademark Agency Work Held in Guangzhou Xiao Chen 91.1 102
National Conference on Patent Exploitation and Dissemination Held in Hunan Xiao Hai 91.1 103
Dr. Hausser Honoured by Chinese People's University Meng Bayi 91.1 104
Trends in International Intellectual Property Right Protection   91.1 106
Second National Representative Conference of All-China Patent Agents Association Held in Beijing   91.2 108
National Conference on Copyright Work Convened   91.2 108
Chinese Patent Agent Qualifying Examination for 1990 Held in Beijing...   91.2 109
Ratification by Canada of the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants   91.2 110
Forum Marking Sixth Anniversary of Implementation of Chinese Patent Law   91.3 106
WIPO Asian Regional Seminar on the Use of Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Arrangements in the Food Processing Industry Held in Beijing   91.3 108
China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Holds Press Conference Celebrating its Seventh Anniversary   91.3 109
Symposium on Patent Litigation Held in Huangshan   91.4 108
National Symposium on Copyright Theory and Practice Convened in Dalian Zhao Xiaohua 91.4 109
Letters Between Mr. Hausser, President of German Patent Office and Mr. Liu Gushu, Chairman of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd   

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