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Index (No.1-4/1992,Vol. 28-31)
When Friends Come from Afar --- One-day Visit to Hong Kong by WIPO Director General Dr. Bogsch and His Party   92.1 4
Dr. Bogsch Answers Questions at the Press Conference Called by China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Marking His Visit to Hong Kong Our Reporter 92.1  7
Bright Prospects for the Cause of International Trade Promotion --- Marking the 40th Anniversary of CCPIT Zheng Hongye 92.2 6
Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection and Promote the Development of Foreign Economic and Trade Relations Zheng Songyu 92.2 11
Symposium on the Patent & Trade Mark System in China Held in Hong Kong OurCorrespondent 92.3 4
An Inquiry into the Chinese Intellectual Property System Liu Gushu 92.1 12
The Chinese Intellectual Property System at the Turning Point Wang Zhengfa 92.1 22
Administrative Resolution of Intellectual Property Infringement in China Wang Zhengfa 92.3 10
Protection for Intellectual Property by the People's Courts in China Fei Zongyi 92.3 17
On the Revision of the Current Patent Law in China Gao Lulin 92.4 7
Tentative Comments on Patent Right Protection in China Qiao Dexi 92.1 31
How to Redraft Parallel Independent Claims Not Conforming to the Provisions of the Chinese Patent Law Liu Yangfeng 92.1 36
Preliminary Views on the Quantified Judgement of Inventiveness Zhu Shiding 92.1 44
China's Patent Work Developing in Depth Shen Yaozeng 92.2 16
The Chinese Patent System in the Service of Modernization Tang Zongshun 92.2 23
Patent Reexamination and Invalidation in China in 1991 Zhang Zunkui 92.2 26
Contents of Patent Protection Involving Computer Software Inventions Zhang Jinghai 92.2 31
Unallowed Amendments to Patent Applications for Invention Zhang Huahui 92.2 37
Insufficiency of Embodiments Cannot Be Understood as the Claims Not Being Supported by the Description Cai Yongyong 92.2 42
Observations about Confirming the Inventor or Creator Zhang Guoliang 92.2 45
China Patent System Further Amplified as Reform Goes in Depth Wen Xikai 92.3 24
The Dependence and Independence of "Generic Concepts" Yuan De 92.3 30
The Overall Protectiveness of Claims Chen Ruifeng 92.3 37
Determination of Whether An Invention of "Publicly-Known Computer + New Computer Program" Falls within the Scope of Patent Protection Pu Maiwen 92.3 42
On the Two Principles in the Examination of Requests for Invalidation Deng Yahu 92.3 45
A Brief Discussion on Two of the Articles in the Revised Chinese Patent Law Wu Boming 92.4 16
Patent Protection by China for Chemical Inventions Zhang Qingkui 92.4 22
Judging Infringement on Patents for Invention of Manufacturing Processes of Chemical Substances Yang Ping 92.4 29
Amendment of Documents in the Reexamination and Invalidation Procedures Sun Zhenduo 92.4 36
A Personal View on the Revision of Legal Provisions Concerning Compulsory Licence for Exploitation of Patents in China Zhou Min 92.4 40
The Concept and Contents of "Methods for the Diagnosis or Treatment of Diseases" Zhang Xiangling 92.4 44
Methods for the Diagnosis or Treatment of Diseases and Their Industrial Applicability Lu Shijing 92.4 48
The Role of Attorneys in Patent Trials in the United States Charles E. Miller 92.1  55
A Brief Discussion on the Features of Patent Administrative Proceedings ChengYongshun 92.1 64
Protection for the Exclusive Right to Use a Trademark in China Li Jizhong 92.1 67
The European Trademark Directive and Regulation for Community Trademarks (II) Matthieu J.M. van Kaam 92.1 73
The Causes of Counterfeit Goods Emerging in the Chinese Market and the Countermeasures for Their Suppression Tang Yongchun 92.2 51
Conscientiously Protect the Interests of Genuine Owners of Trademarks Lu Pushun 92.2 56
On the Legal System of China Governing Trademarks Liu Li 92.3 51
Protection of Trademark Right by Criminal Proceedings in China Shen Jungui 92.3 60
Intended Amendments to the Chinese Trademark Law Li Jizhong 92.4 51
The principles of Protection Afforded by the Chinese Trademark Law (I) Xiao Li 92.4 56
Striding Forward Towards Berne Liu Song 92.2 62
On the Subjects of Copyright in the Chinese Copyright Law Shen Rengan 92.3 64
On the Implementation of Collective Administration of Copyright in China Gao Linghan 92.3 69
The Role of the Chinese Government in the Protection of Copyright Liu Song 92.4 64
The Berne Convention and the Moral Rights in the Chinese Copyright Law Zheng Chengsi 92.4 68
The Exercise and Protection of the Rights on Musical Works in the Chinese Copyright Law Ma Xiaogang 92.4 73
Analytical Comments on the Special Status of Computer Software in China Zheng Chengsi 92.1 79
Legal Protection for Computer Software Chen Zhonghua 92.1 83
The System of Software Copyright Registration in China Ying Ming 92.4 77
An Analysis of the Decision of the Beijing Municipal Intermediate People's Court on Revoking Decision No.112 of the Patent Reexamination Board on the Invalidation of a Hong Kong-related Patent Liang Yu 92.1 91
A Decision on the Examination of a Request for Invalidation Involving the Relevant Provisions of the Paris Convention Yin Xintian 92.1 98
A Case of Determining Two Designs to be Dissimilar Zhao Jiaxiang 92.1 105
Infringers of Levi's Mark Punished in China Jiang Jun 92.1 108
An Analysis of the Relationship of Patentability between Process and Apparatus in Cases of Combined Application Qin Kaizong 92.2 68
Judgement of the Inventiveness of the Hong Kong-related Patent for Invention Entitled "A Gate of Lazy Tongs Type" Ye Chuan 92.3 75
Does A Technical Solution Reached by Combining Two Reference Documents Possess Inventiveness? Wu Guanle 92.3 79
A Case of the Inventiveness of a Combination Invention Established in Reexamination Wei Jinxi 92.3 83
Final Decision on A Case of Dispute over the Attribution of the Patent Right Li Zhifu 92.4 80
An Invention Covered by Two Reference Documents May Not Lack Inventiveness Deng Yahu 92.4 85
First Case of Taiwanese Trademark Found to be Improperly Registered and Cancelled in the Mainland Fan Hanyun 92.4 91
Rules on Administrative Reconsideration (for Trial Implementation) of the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China   92.2 72
On the Administrative Reconsideration of Patent Cases Zang Kelan 92.2 76
Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Income Tax Law of the PRC Concerning Foreign-funded Enterprises and Foreign Enterprises   92.2 79
Procedures for the Registration of Copyright in Computer Software   92.3 89
Rules on Place of Origin of Export Goods of the PRC   92.3 94
Patent Law of the People's Republic of China (Revised Version 1992)   92.4 97
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (3rd Quarter 1991)   92.1 109
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1991   92.2 95
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1991).   92.2 96
Statistical Data on Trademark in China 1991   92.2 99
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1992)   92.3  96
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (2nd Quarter 1992)   92.4 103
Medium Temperature Gas Carburization with Micronitrogen   92.1 114
Large-spanned Prestressed Concrete Roof Slabs Produced Piece on Piece on the Construction Site   92.1 115
A Die Set for the Multiway Die Forging of Pipe Joints   92.1 117
A Suiting Hole Hydraulic Step Cylinder Used as Control Rod Drive in Nuclear Reactor   92.2 102
Deep Catalytic Cracking Process for Gaseous Olefin Production   92.2 103
Synthesis Process of Ammonia and its Reactor   92.3 99
The Positive/Negative Pressure Air-Circulating Type External Counterpulsation Device   92.3 101
The Model DS-2 Docking Sonar   92.3 103
WIPO Director General Dr. Bogsch Received by CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin in Beijing and Granted the Title of Honorary Professor by Peking University   92.1 118
Cross-strait Symposium on Patent, Trademark and Copyright Held in Zhuhai   92.1 120
The 4th National Conference on Patent Work Held in Beijing   92.1 121
Hong Kong Director of Intellectual Property Visits Beijing   92.1 122
National Seminar on Questions of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights of Broadcasting and Sound Recordings Held in Beijing   92.1 123
China Speeding up Amplification of Legislation for Intellectual Property Protection   92.2 106
WIPO Asian Regional Training Workshop on the Use of Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Arrangements in the Electronics Industry Held in Beijing   92.2 108
Decision on Invalidation of Hong Kong-Related Patent for Invention Revoked   92.2 110
Symposium on Intellectual Property Systems in China Held in Beijing Wang Jie 92.3 106
Delegation of the Health Industry Manufacturers Association of the US Visits China Li Changqing 92.3 109
Training Course in Copyright Held in Guangzhou Wu Haitao 92.3 110
CPA General Manager Zheng Songyu Visits Israel OurCorrespondent 92.4 108

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