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Index (No.1-4/1993,Vol. 32-35)
A Preliminary Analysis of the TRIP'S Negotiations of the Uruguay Round of GATT Gao Lulin 93.1 8
The Harmonized Development of the Intellectual Property Ssytem in China Li Xiaowei 93.4 58
A Simple Explanation of Several Amendments to the Chinese Patent Law Ri Yue 93.1 20
Revision of the Chinese Patent Law Conforms to the Trend of Development of the International Patent System Qiao Dexi 93.1 28
On the Revocation Procedure in the Newly Revised Patent Law Liu Yangfeng 93.1 35
A Preliminary Inquiry into Patent Applications Characterized by Ranges of Parameters Hua Shi 93.1 40
The Novelty of Alloy Inventions---Functional features having no defining effect on alloy inventions Sun Zhenduo 93.1 44
A Preliminary Inquiry into the Protection of Patents of Process Wang Xiaojing 93.1 48
Correctly Implement Proclamation No. 27 of the Chinese Patent Office Luan Bensheng 93.1 51
Looking Back and Looking Ahead Jiang Ying 93.2 5
Reexamination and Invalidation of Chinese Patent in 1992 Zhao Yuanguo 93.2 11
On the Revision of the Implementing Regulation of the Patent Law of the PRC Wu Boming 93.2 17
The Revision of Article 50 of the Chinese Patent Law --- A Preliminary Discussion Yang Jinqi 93.2 25
On Several Questions Concerning Priority Right Cheng Yongshun 93.2 29
Analysis and Predition of Patented Technology Concering Electromachining Machine Tools and Processes Yan Shi 93.2 36
The Examination of Patent Applications for Invention Containing Computer Programs Pu Maiwen 93.2 44
Challenge and Opportunity --- China and the Patent Cooperation Treaty  Zhang Rongyan 93.2 50
An Inquiry into Questions Concerning Patent Infringement Litigation in China Shen Jungui 93.2 54
New Provisions for Compulsory Licence in the Revised Chinese Patent Law Ma Lianyuan 93.3 4
A New Level of Patent Protection in China Ri Yue 93.3 9
A Preliminary Inquiry into Patent Protection in the Pharmaceutical Field Zhang Qingkui 93.3 16
Questions Related to the Punishment of Acts of Passing Off Patents Wen Xikai 93.3  20
A Preliminary Analysis of Passing Off the Patent of Another Person and Passing Off a Patent Ye Chuan 93.3 25
Specific Technical Features and the Determination of Unitariness Chen Ruifeng 93.3 30
Changes in the Procedures for Patent Reexamination and Invalidation after the Revision of the Chinese Patent Law Zhang Shuhua 93.3  37
Concerning the Examination Guidelines of the Chinese Patent Office Zhong Hui 93.3 42
On "Full Disclosure" Deng Yahu 93.3  46
Full Disclosure and Seeking the Broadest Scope of Protection Wei Jinxi  93.3 51
On the Protection of a Product Directly Obtained by a Patented Process Yin Xintian 93.4  7
Accede to the PCT and Strengthen International Patent Cooperation Chen Zhonghua 93.4 14
The Differences between the Procedure for Requesting the Revocation of the Patnet Right and the Procedure for Requesting the Invalidation of the Patent Right in the Chinese Patent Law Wu Boming 93.4 18
The Danger of Choosing to Protect an Invention by a Patent for Utility Model Yang Ping  93.4 21
The Comprehensive Determination of Inventiveness Yuan De 93.4  27
The Drafting of Claims in a Patent for Invention Containing a Computer Program Li Zheng 93.4 33
The Principles of Protection Afforded by the Chinese Trademark Law (II) Xiao Li 93.1 56
A Decase of Mighty Advance -- Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the Trademark Law of the PRC Dong Baolin 93.2 59
A Preliminary Analysis of Cases of Trademark Review and Adjudication Li Zhijun 93.2  66
Service Marks and the Tertiary Industry Hou Liye 93.2  73
Concerning the Revision of the Chinese Trademark Law Wan Xiong 93.3 59
Points for Attention in Filing Applications for Registration of Service Marks in China   93.3 64
On China's Legal Protection of the Right of Enterprise Name Li Xiaowei 93.3 67
A New Page in the History of Trademark Undertakings in China Li Bida 93.4  37
How a Foreigner or Foreign Enterprise Applies for Service Mark Registration in China Zhou Huanling 93.4 42
Views on Some Questions in the Implementation of International Copyright Treaties in China Liu Song 93.1 61
International Copyright Treaties and Chinese Implementation Rules Li Ying 93.1 66
An Introduction to the Copyright Protection of the Chinese Regulations for Computer Software Jonathan T. Kaplan 93.1 73
The Current Situation of China's Copyright - Related Legal System Viewed through Cases Liu Chuntian 93.2  77
Progress and Existing Problems in Copyright Protection in China Zheng Chengsi 93.3 73
A Summary of Papers Submitted to the 1993 Annual Academic Meeting of the Copyright Society of China Tang Yongchun 93.4 46
Concerning the Formulation of the Law for the Repression of Unfair Competition in China Li Ying 93.4 52
Judgement on the Similarity of Wristwatch Designs Zhao Jiaxiang 93.2 82
Judgement Pronounced on the First Case of Software Infringement in China Ying Ming 93.3  77
Joint Venture Wins Case of Invalidation of Patent for Design Zhao Chunshan 93.3  79
A Request for Reexamination of A Patent Application for Invention Meets with Success Wu Guanle 93.4  62
Why A Patent Application for Design Cannot Enjoy A Grace Period without Losing its Novelty Zhao Jiaxiang 93.4 66
An Interview with CPA General Manager Zheng Songyu   93.3  83
"Protecting Foreign Trade-mark Rights in Canada: Has Orkin Been Exterminated?" Susan J. Keri & R. Scott 93.4 71
Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China   93.1 86
Regulations on the Implementation of International Copyright Treaties   93.1 99
Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (Revised Version 1993)   93.2 86
Supplementary Provision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for the Punishment of Crimes of Passing off Registered Trademarks   93.2 91
Answers Given by the Supreme People's Court of the PRC to Questions on the Hearing of Cases of Patent Dispute   93.2 93
Proclamation No. 34 of the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China 5 September 1992   93.2  95
Implementing Regulations under the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (1993 Version)   93.4  80
The Law of the People's Republic of China for Countering Unfair Competition   93.4  89
Interim Regulations on the Statutory Scheme of Permissible Remuneration for the Exploitation of Works in Performances   93.4 93
Interim Regulations on the Statutory Scheme of Permissible Remuneration for the Exploitation of Works in Phonograms   93.4 94
Interim Regulations on the Statutory Scheme of Permissible Remuneration for the Exploitation of Works by Newspapers and Magazines through Reprinting or Abstracting   93.4  95
Shenzhen Proposes New Orientation for Industrial Investment   93.3 90
Hebei Proposes Projects to Foreign Investors   93.3 93
Overseas Investment Sought for Projects in Haining, Zhejiang Province   93.3 96
Projects Proposed for International Cooperation in Huairou County, Beijing   93.4 96
Two Maritime Cases Resolved Through Arbitration by the China Maritime Arbitration Commission Liu Shujian 93.3 87
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (3rd Quarter 1992)   93.1 101
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1992   93.2 96
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1992)   93.2  97
Statistics Data on Trademark in China   93.2 100
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1993)   93.3 98
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1993)   93.4 98
Composite & Multifunction Solenoid Valve   93.2 104
High-Efficiency Silent Crushing Agent   93.2 105
A New Process of Potassium Carbonate Solution Promoted by Complex Catalysts For CO2 Removal   93.2 107
The Crystal Growth Technology of TeO2 Single Crystals   93.3 102
General Radical Code Chinese Inputting System and Equipment   93.4 101
Technique, Method and Instrument of High Resolution Deep Level Transient Spectrometer   93.4 103
CGF -- A Hydrophilic Type Silicone Finishing Agent for Textiles   93.4 105
Mainland -- Hong Kong Symposium on Intellectual Property Systems Held in Guangzhou Mao Lianyu 93.1 104
The 1992 Annual Academic Conference on Intellectual Property in China Our Reporter 93.1 105
CPA Executives Attend APAA Council Meeting Hua Yan 93.1 106
China Set for Accession to PCT Zhao Ting, Li Changqing 93.1 107
Symposium on Revised Patent Law of PRC Held in Beijing Li Changqing 93.1 108
Sino-American Computer S/W IPR Seminar Held in Beijing... 93.1 109
Trends of Copyright Protection in China
  93.1 110
Visit to Taiwan by CPA Executives   93.1 111
Chinese Patent Office Delegations Publicize the Chinese Patent Law in US, Japan and Europe Bao Xueki 93.3 104
China's Law for Repression of Unfair Competition to be Promulgated   93.3 106
CPA General Manager Visits South Africa Our Reporter 93.3 107
Seminar on Licensing and Transfer of Technology Agreements Held in Beijing Li Changqing 93.3 108
Patent Education Centre of Chinese Patent Office at Zhejiang University Established Shi Lijun 93.3 109
International Symposium on "PCT and China" Held in Beijing Li Changqing 93.4 107
The First Intellectual Property Adjudication Divisions in China Set Up... Our Correspondent   93.4 109
A Letter to the Editor                                                          93.3 112

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