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Index (No.1-4/1994,Vol. 36-39)
Contribute Further to the Cause of Intellectual Property Protection Zheng Songyu 94.2  8
Basic Considerations in China's Accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty Gao Lulin 94.1  7
Special Features, Merits and Shortcomings of China's Laws for Intellectual Property Protection (Pt.I) Zheng Chengsi 94.1 18
Special Features, Merits and Shortcomings of China's Laws for Intellectual Property Protection (Pt.II) Zheng Chengsi 94.2 16
The Current Situation of Intellectual Property Protection in China Gao Lulin 94.3  6
Combat Piracy and Safeguard the Rights and Interests of Authors Shen Rengan 94.4  5
TRIPS and Intellectual Property Studies in China Zheng Chengsi 94.4 10
Procedural Provisions for Intellectual Property in GATT and the Legislation in China Li Ying 94.4 17
Functions Performed by the Chinese Patent Office in the PCT Procedure Wu Weicheng 94.1 30
Strengthened Preliminary Examination Hao Qingfen 94.1  37
Some Surgical Operations Should Be Protected by the Patent Law Zhang Xiangling 94.1  41
The Judgement of Whether A Patent Application Having Features Which Contain "Human Factors" Comes Within the Scope of Patent Protection Pu Maiwen 94.1 46
Another View on "Full Disclosure" and Related Matters Zhang Rongyan 94.1 51
The Extent of Patent Protection Asked for and Embodiments Xue Junying 94.1 57
Patent Protection Undertakings Are Flourishing in China Jiang Ying 94.2 24
A Review of the Work of the Patent Reexamination Board of the Chinese Patent Office in 1993 Yang Zhengwu 94.2 30
New Advances in Patent Protection in China Wu Boming 94.2 36
Questions to be Noted in the Drafting of Claims Huang Min 94.2 42
Use Claims in Patent Applications for Invention Xu Shu 94.2 45
A Preliminary Inquiry into the Unity of Patent Applications for Chemical Inventions Wei Jinxi 94.2 49
On the Provision Concerning Criminal Responsibility in the Chinese Patent Law Shen Jungui 94.2 54
On the Principles to Follow in the Examination and Approval of Patent Applications for Chemical Substances Expressed in General Formulae Zhang Qingkui 94.3 16
Principles to Follow in Admending the Patent in the Invalidation Procedure Liu Yangfeng 94.3 21
On "Rules and Methods for Mental Activities" in the Sense of the Patent Law Tian Lipu 94.3 28
Concerning Gazettes No. 1~3 on the Guidelines for Examination of the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China Zhong Hui 94.3 35
Provisions Concerning the Range of Numerical Values in the Examination Criteria for Novelty Huang Min 94.3  38
The Interpretive Effect of the Description on the Claims Ai Wen 94.3 41
The Commercial Use of Designs Zhao Jiaxiang 94.3 44
The Operations of the Chinese Patent Office in Making PCT International Search  Zhang Huahui 94.3  52
Patent Protection and the Strategy of Industry in International Competition Chen Meizhang 94.3  60
On Questions of Prior User's Rights Yin Xintian 94.4 25
International Search of PCT International Applications Yuan De 94.4 32
On the Unity of Patent Applications and the Principle of Examination and Approval of Combined Applications Hua Shi 94.4  38
Further Improve Our Work in Administrative Reconsideration Wen Xikai 94.4 44
On "A Person Skilled in the Relevant Field of Technology" Hua Min 94.4 50
An Inquiry into Two Questions in the Examination of Patent Applications for Chemical Substances Wei Ming 94.4 55
The Role of Dependent Claims Yu Weichuan 94.4  59
The System of Adjudication on the Attribution of the Trademark Right in China Fan Hanyun 94.1  63
Problems Facing the Trademark Work in Chinese Enterprises on the Eve of China's Accession to GATT Yuan Ganping 94.1  67
China's Trademark Registration and Trademark Administration in 1993 Dong Baolin 94.2 59
Disputes Are Endless. Where Does the Crux Lie? Tang Yongchun 94.2  64
China and the Madrid Agreement Liu Peizhi 94.3 66
On the Prohibition Right Concerning Trademarks Shi Huirong 94.3  69
The Service Mark Registration System in China: Current Situation and Prospects Wei Zhenzhi 94.3 74
How to Prevent a Registered Trademark from Being Cancelled for Ceasing to be Used Lin Xiao 94.3 77
On the Exclusive Right to Use the Name of a Trademark Meng He 94.4 64
Current Resistence to the Investigation and Punishment of Trademark Infringement in China and the Countermeasures to be Adopted Chen Fucheng 94.4 69
Problems in China's Law for Countering Unfair Competition. Liu Chuntian 94.1  72
An Introduction to China's Law for Countering Unfair Competition Wang Xiaojing 94.1  76
A Preliminary Analysis of China's Business Secret Protection System Chi Shaojie 94.1 84
The Application of Estoppel in the Hearing of Cases of Patent Infringement Disputes Liang Yu 94.2 69
Reflections on A Case of Trademark Infringement Chang Shi 94.2 72
Two Cases of Infringement on Computer Software Copyright Heard Recently by Beijing Courts Zou Bian 94.2 76
Two Infringement Cases Analysed Yang Ping 94.3 80
A Design Disclosed before the Filing Date Does Not Conform to the Requirements for Granting a Patent Xiao He 94.3 85
Practical Applicability Viewed from a Patent Application for Invention Xu Guowen 94.3  88
An Inquiry into a Number of Questions in Cases of Dispute over the Sale of Infringing Products Gong Zheng 94.4 75
Analysis of A Case of Indirect Infringement on the Patent Right Yan Su 94.4 81
Provisions Concerning the Implementation of the Patent Cooperation Treaty in China   94.1 96
Foreign Trade Law of the People's Republic of China   94.3 94
Decision of the State Council of the PRC on Further Strengthening the Work of Intellectual Property Protection   94.4 86
Resolution of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the Punishment of Crimes of Copyright Infringement   94.4 90
Arbitration Rules of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)   94.4 95
Product Liability in Technology Assignment Chi Shaojie 94.2  82
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1993)   94.1 102
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1993   94.2 85
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1993)   94.2 86
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China   94.2  89
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1994)   94.3 99
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1994)   94.4 101
Super-Precision Dynamic Balancing Machines   94.2  95
Photodegradable Polyethylene Film and Its Uses   94.2  97
Single Rope/Double Rope Semi-scissor Grab for Bulk Handling   94.2 98
Method and Equipment for the Manufacture of Large Pitch Stranded Steel Cables   94.3 103
The Preparation of (cis-trans) alpha-Cypermethrin by An Improved Method of Epimerization   94.4 104
Conference on International Cooperation between Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Held in Shenzhen   94.1 105
Seminar on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Co-sponsored by CPO and WIPO   94.1 106
Symposium on Intellectual Property Systems in Mainland China and Hong Kong Held in Hong Kong   94.1 108
Cross-Strait Symposium on Questions of Copyright Held in Beijing Tang Wen 94.2 101
National Conference on Patent Work Convened in Beijing Yang Yang 94.2 102
The First Foreign-Related Mutual Representation Agreement on Collective Administration of Copyright in China Signed in Beijing Sun Jianhong 94.2 103
China Issues White Paper on Intellectual Property Protection   94.3 104
CPA Executives Pay a Visit to Europe   94.3 106
China Becomes Party to Nice Agreement   94.3 107
Chinese Customs Enforce Measures for Intellectual Property Protection Our Correspondent 94.4 105
'94 Trade Mark & Commodity International Fair to be Held in Beijing Our Correspondent 94.4 106
Symposium on the Hearing Practice of Intellectual Property-related Cases Held in Beijing Sha 94.4 106
Visit to China by Director General of Australian Industrial Property Organization Li Changqing 94.4 107
Patent Delegation from Proctor & Gamble Visits Beijing Li Changqing 94.4 108

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