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Index  (No.1-4/1995,Vol. 40-43)
Outstanding Achievements and Basic Experience Gained in the Decade since the Implementation of the Chinese Patent Law. Gao Lulin 95.2  7
To Our Readers The Editorial Department 95.2 14
Comments on Several Questions in the Valuation of Intangible Assets Hu Zuochao 95.3 94
Strengthen the Exchange and Cooperation between Intellectual Property Circles across the Straits Xie Jianqun 95.1 5
The Chinese Intellectual Property Protection System Is Constantly Being Amplified Chen Meizhang 95.1 11
Criteria on Which the People's Courts of China Determine Patent Infringement Cheng Yongshun 95.1 17
China's Progress in Improving Its Intellectual Property System and the Sino-US Intellectual Property Negotiations Li Ying 95.2 18
Establishing Infringement on Intellectual Property and "Fuzzy Zones" (Pt.I) Zheng Chengsi 95.4 5
Significant Measures to Increase the Force of Patent Protection Ma Lianyuan 95.1 20
The Provisions of the Chinese Patent Law Concerning the Procedures for Reexamination and Invalidation Zhong Hui 95.1  25
Questions in the Establishment of the Intellectual Property Protection System for Plant Varieties in China Qiao Dexi 95.1 31
The Drafting of Two Kinds of Claims in Patent Applications Containing Computer Programs Pu Maiwen 95.1 37
Quantity and Quality in Patent Application Chen Ruifeng 95.1 41
The Question of "System" in Proclamation No. 27 of the Chinese Patent Office Lin Xiaoyue 95.1 44
On the Question of Application of Old and New Provisions Involved in the Revision of the Chinese Patent Law Wang Xiaojing 95.1 47
The Decade since the Establishment of the Chinese Patent Examination System Jiang Ying 95.2  26
The Work of the Patent Reexamination Board of CPO in 1994 and Its Plans for 1995 Wu Boming 95.2 33
The Question of Patent in the Sino-US Intellectual Property Negotiations Wen Xikai 95.2 38
Judging the Practical Applicability of the Technical Solutions of Patents Li Zheng 95.2 44
Main Problems in PCT International Applications Yan Shi 95.2 51
The General Situation in the Administrative Reconsideration of Patents in China Zang Kelan 95.2 58
Advances at the Chinese Patent Office in the Examination of Selection Inventions in the Field of Alloys Wei Jinxi 95.2 63
On the Patent System of Hong Kong After 1997 --- With an Appraisal of the Report on Reform of the Hong Kong Patent System Geng Yezhong 95.2 68
A Brief Comparative Analysis of Chinese and US Patent Laws Lin De 95.3   6
Views on the Question of Repetitive Granting of the Patent Right Yin Xintian 95.3 14
On Indispensable and Dispensable Technical Features Yuan De 95.3 22
Substantive Examination of PCT Applications at the National Stage in China. Huang Yifen 95.3 29
On Judging the Inventiveness of Utility Models Zhang Rongyan 95.3 37
A Reappraisal of the Preliminary Examination of Patent Applications for Utility Model in China Wang Zhigang 95.3 43
Patent Protection for Biotechnological Inventions/Creations Pan Aiqun, Xie Shunxing 95.3 47
The Drafting of Claims in Patent Applications for Products in the Field of Food and Beverages Zheng Huifen, Cui Jun and Duan Xiaoling 95.3  52
A Preliminary Analysis of "the Claims Being Supported by the Description" Liu Yangfeng 95.4 11
A Comparison of the Current Provisions in Mainland China and Taiwan Concerning Patents for Invention Zhong Hui 95.4 17
A Tentative Discussion of the Patent Examination System in China Zhang Qingkui 95.4 24
Specific Technical Features --- Criteria for judging unity Huang Min 95.4 30
The Legal Force of the Claims in a Patent of Chemical Analogous Process Bai Guangqing 95.4 34
How to Handle PCT International Applications Not Comforming to the Provisions for Their Mode of Drafting Zhang Huahui 95.4  39
The Prospects for Development of Transgenic Animals and Problems of Intellectual Property Protection Hu Xiuzhou,
Liu Zhaomin
95.4 43
A US Company's Experience with P.C.T. T. David Reed 95.4 55
Differences and Similarities between the Corresponding Provisions in the Chinese Trademark Law and TRIPS Zheng Chengsi 95.1 54
A Brief Discussion on Collective Marks and Certification Marks Yuan Ganping, Dong Baolin 95.1 60
he Nice Agreement and China Huang Hui 95.1 65
New Achievements in China's Fight Against Trademark Infringement Yu Shi 95.2 75
Questions on the Protection of Well-known Trademarks Li Ying 95.3 58
A Comparative Study of the Development of Trademark Legislation in Europe and the United States Huang Hui 95.3 68
On the Necessity and Urgency of Revising the Chinese Copyright Law Xu Chao 95.2  81
New Developments in Copyright Protection in China Shen Rengan 95.3 78
A Tentative Discussion on Electronic Publishing and Copyright Protection Liu Song 95.4 68
Reflections Concerning the Influence of New Technical Developments on Copyright Protection Gao Linghan 95.4  72
Problems in the Implementation of the Law for Countering Unfair Competition Liu Chuntian 95.2 86
An Important Development in the Protection of Well-known Goods Tang Yongchun 95.4 77
Protection of Intellectual Property by the Chinese Customs Meng Yang 95.4 81
Overcoming Rejections with Affidavits and Declarations Under 37 CFR 1.131 and 1.132 Le-Nhung Mcleland 95.1 75
Judicial Decision on a Case of Infringing the Exclusive Right to Use the "LUX" Registered Trademark Liang Yu 95.1 85
The Application of Article 24(3) of the Chinese Patent Law Viewed from One Case Zhao Jiaxiang 95.1 91
Cases of Infringement Involving the Right of Priority to the Use of Unregistered Trademarks Yang Jinqi 95.2  92
An Inquiry into the Question of "Superfluous Definition in the Judging of Infringement on Patents Gong Zheng 95.3  82
Comments on the Case of Infringement on the MICROSOFT/MS-DOS Trademarks Chang Wen 95.3 87
Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Audio-visual Products   95.1 96
Procedures for the Registration and Administration of Collective Marks and Certification Marks   95.2 97
Rules on Administrative Reconsideration of the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China   95.2 101
Regulations of the People's Republic of China Regarding Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights   95.4 87
Provisions for Prohibiting Acts of Unfair Competition Concerning the Imitation of the Names, Packaging and Decoration Peculiar to Well-known Goods   95.4 91
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China (3rd Quarter 1994)   95.1 102
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1994   95.2 105
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1994)   95.2 106
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China   95.2 109
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1994)   95.3 98
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1995)   95.4  93
Strengthened Judicial Protection for Intellectual Property Demanded in Chinese Supreme Court Circular   95.1 105
Academic Exchanges on Intellectual Property Jointly Sponsored by the Two Sides of the Straits Sha 95.1 106
Chinese Delegate Signs Trademark Law Treaty Concluded in Geneva Dong Baolin 95.1 106
China Is to Accede to the Budapest Treaty   95.2 15
Major Activities Hosted Recently by the Chinese Patent Office Li Changqing 95.2 112
New Amendments to the Implementing Regulations under the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China   95.3 101
China Signs Agreements With Britain and Germany to Protect Music Copyright   95.3 102
Software Registration Centre Merged into State Copyright Administration   95.3 102
College of Intellectual Property of Beijing University Formally Inaugurated   95.3 103
China Accedes to the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement   95.4  96
The Fourth Working Conference on Repressing Specific Illicit Activities in the Market Held in Shanghai by the Industry and Commerce Administration System of China   95.4  97
Intellectual Property Agency Circles in Middle East Wish for Cooperation with Colleagues in China Shen Jialian 95.4 98
Sino-US Symposium on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Computer Software Held in Beijing   95.4 99

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