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Index  (No.1-4/1996,Vol. 44-47)
The Current Situation and Future Tasks of Patent Work in China Gao Lulin 96.1  6
Establishing Infringement on Intellectual Property and "Fuzzy Zones" (Pt.II) Zheng Chengsi 96.1 14
Reflections on Developing the Copyright Industry in China Shen Rengan 96.4  5
The Scope of Protection of the Two Kinds of Claims in Patent Applications Containing Computer Programs Pu Maiwen 96.1 20
Patent Protection for Utility Models in Various Countries Hua Shi 96.1 23
A Second Look at the Question of "Superfluous Definition" Ai Wen 96.1 28
Questions in the Judgement of Novelty Pertaining to Patents Li Yonghong 96.1 35
The Application of the Property Preservation System in Patent Cases Zang Kelan 96.1 41
The "Arbitrability" of Patent Disputes in China Chi Shaojie 96.1 48
Work Unremittingly and Stride towards the 21st Century Jiang Ying 96.2 5
Looking Back on the Course of '95 and Meeting the Challenge of '96 Wu Boming 96.2 11
The Procedure of Examination and Confirmation for the Patent Right and Trademark Right in China Viewed from Its Judicial Practice Liang Yu 96.2 15
Another View on the Question of "Full Disclosure" Chen Ruifeng 96.2 20
On Revising the Range of Numerical Values in the Mode of a Specific "Disclaimer" Hua Guang 96.2 24
On the Simultaneous Filing of Patent Application for Invention and Patent Application for Utility Model Dong Wei 96.2 28
A Brief Discussion on the Difference between Practical Applicability and "Full Disclosure" Li Naixuan 96.2 31
Also on the "Arbitrability" of Patent Infringement Disputes Chang Wen 96.2 36
On the Relationship between Technical Features with Technical Solutions in the Field of Electricity Serving as Examples. Li Zheng 96.2 43
New Requirements for Examination on the Question of Deposit of Micro-organisms after the Accession of China to the Budapest Treaty Yuan De 96.2 49
On the Second Revision of the Chinese Patent Law Qiao Dexi 96.3 6
A Study of a Number of Basic Questions in Patent Protection and Patent Infringement Tian Lipu 96.3 17
A Tentative Discussion on the Novelty of Inventions in the Field of Chemistry Zhang Qingkui 96.3 31
A Survey of the Granting of Patents for Biotechnical Inventions in China Xie Shunxing 96.3 40
On the Questions of Burden of Proof and Establishment of Evidence in the Procedure for Examination of Requests for Patent Invalidation Li Yonghong 96.3  46
On Article 36 of the Chinese Patent Law Qu Xiaoyang & Zhuang Yifang 96.3 53
On the Act of a Party to a Contract Requesting the Revocation or Invalidation of the Patent Involved Cai Minjun 96.3 59
An Inquiry into the Pledge of the Patent Right Hu Zuochao 96.3 65
On Product Claims Defined by Process Features Yin Xintian 96.4 14
An Informal Discussion on Selection Inventions Hua Shi 96.4 24
The Unity of Inventions Pertaining to Patent Applications in the Field of Biotechnology Jiang Jiancheng 96.4 29
The "Time-lag" between Instituting Proceedings against Patent Infringement and Requesting the Revocation of the Patent Right Zhao Chunshan 96.4 31
On the Suspension of Hearings in Patent Infringement Litigation Li Zhongsheng 96.4 34
The Application of Legal Provisions in Establishing the Grounds for Invalidation Zhao Guohong 96.4  39
Chinese Trademark Law Urgently Needs Revision Zhong Yi 96.1  56
Trademark Undertakings in China Present a Scene of Prosperity Yu Shi 96.2 55
On the Relation between Parallel Imports and Trademark Protection Li Xiaowei 96.2 61
On the Right of Representation Regarding Goodwill Tang Yongchun 96.2  67
The Protection of Internationally Registered Marks in China Jia Ming 96.3 75
On the Protection of Appellations of Origin Dong Baolin 96.3 83
On the Cancellation of Registered Trademarks Which Have Ceased to Be Used Hou Liye, Chu Kairong   96.4 43
The Judging of Identical and Similar Marks in Trademark Review and Adjudication Zhang Hua 96.4 49
Using a Registered Trademark May Also Infringe the Intellectual Property of Another Person Wen Han 96.4 56
On the Protection for Works of Applied Art and Industrial Product Designs. Xu Chao 96.1 62
Copyright Contracts and Contract Law Li Ying 96.2 76
On the Importance and Necessity of Establishing the System of Collective Administration of Copyright Xu Chao 96.2 84
The Influence of Digitization Technique on Copyright Protection Jin Yulin 96.2 90
The Practice of Computer Software Copyright Registration in China Li Jinlan 96.2 97
On the Copyright Protection of Folklore and the Legislation in China Zheng Chengsi 96.3  91
Further on Copyright Protection in Ancient China. Zheng Chengsi 96.4 62
Chinese Copyright Law Facing the Challenge of Digital Technology Xu Chao 96.4 68
The Protection of Trade Secrets Zhang Yurui 96.1 68
Another View on the Enforcement of Protection for Intellectual Property Rights by the Chinese Customs Ju Shuzhen 96.1 75
An Analysis Based on Two Guiding Cases of the Legal Protection for Know-how in China Yan Su 96.1  81
How to Examine a Case in the Face of a Plurality of Proofs of Similarity Xiao He 96.1 86
An Analysis of the Punishment for Crimes of Intellectual Property Infringement in China Yang Ping 96.4  74
Walt Disney Co. v Beijing Publishing House et al Su Chi 96.4 80
Customs Rules of the People's Republic of China Concerning the Implementation of Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights   96.1 91
Rules for Trademark Review and Adjudication   96.1 97
Law of the People's Republic of China on Lawyers   96.4 88
Interim Provisions for the Establishment and Administration of Well-known Trademarks   96.4 93
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1995)   96.1 101
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals in China 1995   96.2 100
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1995)   96.2 101
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China   96.2 104
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1996)   96.3 97
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1996)   96.4 95
Manufacturing Process of Compound Board from the Fibre of Annual Plants   96.2 109
Reception Given by CPA for APAA Members   96.1 104
Vice Minister of State Science & Technology Commission Visits CPA   96.1 105
Conference on Patent Work of China Held in Beijing   96.1 106
Seminar on "China and the International Trademark Registration System" Held in Shenzhen OurCorrespondent 96.2 112
China Intellectual Property Training Centre and China Foundation for the Development of Intellectual Property Education Established Xiao Hai 96.3 101
An Unforgettable Gathering Zheng Hongjun 96.3 103
CPO in First Case of Administrative Compensation Guo Shan 96.4 100

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