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Index  (No.1-4/1997,Vol. 48-51)
China and the TRIPS Agreement Gao Lulin 97.1  5
Two New Treaties Initiated by WIPO Shen Rengan 97.2 6
Liability without Fault for Infringing Intellectual Property Li Ying 97.2 17
The Intellectual Property System of Hong Kong after Its Return to China Zheng Songyu 97.3 11
On the Evaluation of Intellectual Property Li Ying 97.4 6
New Moves Towards the Protection of Intellectual Property in China ChenMeizhang 97.4 11
Suggestions on the Revision of the Article Concerning Novelty in the Patent Law Zhang Qingkui 97.1 13
On the Basic Elements of Patent Procedures and Composite Procedures Yuan De 97.1 19
On the Registration and Administration of Patent Right Pledge Contracts Gu Xiaoli 97.1 24
The Third Party in Patent Administrative Proceedings Jiang Qinfeng 97.1 28
On the Inventiveness of Compounds Structurally Similar to Known Compounds Liu Xuqiang 97.1 32
Looking Back on '96 and Forward to '97 Jiang Ying 97.2 29
1996 Work Report from the Patent Reexamination Board of CPO Wu Boming 97.2 34
A Study on the Revision of the Chinese Patent Law and Its Implementing Regulations Yuan De 97.2 40
On Indirect Infringement Wu Guanle 97.2 49
Establishing the Validity of Demur Based on Contract in Patent Infringement Litigation Zhang Xiaoxia 97.2 55
"Full Disclosure" and Practical Applicability Huang Min 97.2 61
The Coincidence and Conflict of Rights in Patent Cases and Their Judicial Remedy Xiao Hongkai 97.2 67
The Legislation for Utility Models and Their Examination and Approval ZhangRongyan 97.2 73
On the Extent of Authority in Patent Agency Cai Minjun 97.2 78
Are There Interfering Applications Regarding Designs? Wu Boming 97.3 18
A Study on the Revision of the Chinese Patent Law and Its Implementing Regulations (Cont.) Yuan De 97.3 26
The Compensation System in Patent Agency Cui Xiaoguang 97.3 36
The Protection of Patents for Invention During the Period of Examination and Approval in China Shen Xiaolei 97.3 40
On Enbodiment of Applications for Patent of Chemical Invention Zhao Zunsheng 97.3 44
The Patent Law Treaty and Patent Examination Work in China ZhaoChunshan 97.4 16
On the Purpose of an Invention. Yin Xintian 97.4 22
Views on Novelty ZhangRongyan 97.4 30
The Effect of Administrative Reconsideration on the Administrative Legislation and Law Enforcement by the Patent Office Zang Kelan 97.4 35
On the Lateral Connections in Patent Examination and Protection Hua Shi 97.4 40
On Describing the Prior Art Cai Minjun 97.4 47
Trademark Licensing -- An Important Mode of Using Registered Trademarks Lu Zhihua 97.1 37
Trademark Registration and Administration in China '96 Yu Shi 97.2 83
On the Evaluation of Trademarks Zheng Chengsi 97.3 50
Administrative and Legal Sanction Against Infringement of the Exclusive Right to Use a Registered Trademark Liu Peizhi 97.3 58
The Classification of Goods for Trademark Registration and the Formation and Evolution of Similar Goods Yu Shi 97.3 65
Establishment of Well-known Trademarks in China Zheng Hongjun 97.3 72
Questions in the Legal Judgment of Trademark Infringing Acts Li Hong 97.4 54
On Well-known Marks and Their Protection Zhang Hua 97.4 60
On the Different Meanings of the "Publication Right" Liu Song 97.1 41
Copying, Originality and Copyright Protection Zheng Chengsi 97.1 47
Legal Protection for Expressions of Folklore in China Xu Chao 97.1  55
On the Rights of Publishers Under China's Copyright Law Wei Wen 97.1 59
On Several Problems Encountered in the Course of Enforcing the Copyright Law (I) Xu Chao 97.2 89
On Several Problems Encountered in the Course of Enforcing the Copyright Law (II) Xu Chao 97.3 78
A Brief Discussion on the Right of Authorship Shen Rengan 97.4 65
On Several Problems Encountered in the Course of Enforcing the Copyright Law (III) Xu Chao 97.4 70
On Several Questions Involving Intellectual Property in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods Li Xiaowei 97.1 64
The Current Business Secret Protection Mechanism in China Chi Shaojie 97.1 71
On the Prerequisites for Constituting Trade Secrets Li Zhongsheng 97.4 80
The Scope of Intellectual Property Protection Carried Out by the Chinese Customs Li Qunying 97.3 82
On the Judgement of Infringement on Patents for Design Liang Yu 97.1 78
"Prior Right and Industrial Property Liu Chuntian 97.3 87
The Legal Status of the Third Party as Seen from the Case of Buhter A.G. v the Patent Reexamination Board Zhang Shegao 97.3 93
Judicial Protection of Information Resources As Viewed From the Litigation by Sunlight Company Against Bacai Company Sun Jian, Liu Yong 97.4 87
An Infringement Case Arising from Two Letters of the English Alphabet Li Dongtao 97.4 93
IP LETTER-BOX Jiang Hua 97.4 99
The Interim Procedures for the Registration and Administration of Patent Right Hypothecation Contracts    97.1 82
Procedures for the Administration of the Importation of Audio-visual Products   97.1 85
Provisions Concerning the Prohibition of Acts of Infringing Business Secrets   97.1 88
Regulations for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants of the People's Republic of China   97.3 99
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1996)   97.1 90
Statstics on Patent Applications and Approval in China 1996   97.2 98
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1996)   97.2  99
Statistics on Chinese Patents over the Years   97.2 102
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1997)   97.3 107
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China 1996   97.3 110
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1997)   97.4 100
State Copyright Administration of China Starts Accepting Applications for Copyright Registration   97.1 93
New Provisions Concerning Cases of Trademark Infringement Involving Procedures for Opposition and Dispute   97.1 94
The WIPO Seminar on the Valuation of Industrial Property Assets Li Changqing 97.1 95
Administrative Provisions Concerning Valuation of Patent Property Promulgated   97.1 96
Memory of Deng Xiaoping Cherished   97.2 104
China Intellectual Property Training Centre Gao Daan 97.1 98

China and Hong Kong Discuss the Harmonization of IP Laws after 1997 Li Changqing 97.3 112

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