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 Index (No.1-4/1998,Vol. 52-55)
China Intellectual Property Protection System in Progress Gao Lulin 98.1 6

Questions on Sharing Intellectual Property Generated in International Scientific and Technical Cooperation Duan Ruichun 98.1 12
On the Evaluation of Intellectual Property (Cont.) Li Ying 98.1 18
The International Trend of Development of the Intellectual Property System and our Measures Gao Lulin 98.2  6
Intellectual Property Right, Property Right and Real Right Zheng Chengsi 98.2 14
Intellectual Property Right, Property Right and Real Right (Cont.) Zheng Chengsi 98.3  5
A Brief Discussion on the Intersection and Overlap of the Law on Anti-Unfair Competition and the Trademark Law Zheng Chengsi 98.4  5
An Inquiry into the Definition of Interfering Applications in the Provision for Novelty in the Patent Law Wu Guanle 98.1 25
An Inquiry into Several Questions on Patent Protection in the Field of Biotechnology Zhang Qingkui 98.1  35
Can Inadequate Disclosure Be a Ground for Requesting Revocation of the Patent Right? Tai Hong 98.1 43
Conciliation and Mediation Inappliable to the Procedure for Invalidation of the Patent Right Wu Yuhe 98.1 46
An Overview of Patent Applications in China in '97 Jiang Ying 98.2 20
Suggestions on Perfecting China's System of Patent for Utility Model Zhong Hui 98.2 25
1997 Work Report from the Patent Reexamination Board of CPO Wang Dayu 98.2 30
An Analysis of Taiwanese Patent Applications Filed in Mainland China and Existing Problems Yuan De 98.2 35
The Use of Negative Wording in the Claims Zhang Rongyan 98.2  41
The Patent System of Hong Kong after Its Reversion to China and the Application of International Treaties Wen Xikai 98.2 46
On Problem Inventions Yin Xintian 98.2 50
On Pre-action Preparations by the Attorney Viewed from an Infringement Case for the Plaintiff. Qu Xiaoyang 98.2 53
On A Claim for A Product Defined by the Process Jiang Jiancheng 98.2 57
Several Legal Problems Concerning Patent Contracts Li Ning 98.2 61
On the Patent Protection of Inventions of Product Defined by Their Uses Hua Shi 98.3 13
Several Issues in Determining Patent Infringements by Equivalents Liu Yangfeng 98.3 22
Distinctive Technical Features, Special Technical Features And Corresponding Technical Features Ai Wen 98.3 30
How Shall Chinese Industrial Circles Utilize the PCT System Ma Yan 98.3 34
Determination of Unity in Patent Application and Examination Chen Ruifeng 98.3 38
Methods of Calculating Compensation for Damages in Patent Infringement Jiang Qinfeng 98.3 43
A Study on and Proposed Revision of the Examination System of Patent for Utility Model Li Zheng 98.4 11
The Protection of Inventions of Use Yin Xintian 98.4 18
On the Issue Concerning Protection of Patent for Utility Model Containing Features of Material or Process Li Yonghong 98.4 24
Compensation Liability for Damages Caused by Patent Infringement Zhao Meisheng 98.4 31
A Preliminary Analysis of "Identical Inventions" Zeng Zhihua 98.4 36
Differentiation and Analysis of Trademark and Trademark Right Liu Chutian 98.1 52
Domain Name and Trademark Zhu Qichao 98.1 59
Achievements Attracting Worldwide Attention --- The development of China's Trademark Undertakings in recent years Yu Shi 98.2 66
How to Establish Acts of Trademark Infringement. Lu Yangang 98.3 48
Reflection on the "Reverse Passing Off" of Trademarks Liu Xiaohai 98.4 42
On the Relationship Between Copyright Law and Administrative Law Xu Chao 98.3 53
On the Legal Protection for Titles of Works Shen Xiaolei 98.1 64
A Brief Discussion on the Relationship between Copyright and Industrial Property Wu Yan 98.2 72
On China's First Litigation Involving the Participation of An Institution of Collective Administration of Copyright Xu Chao 98.4 49
The German Trademark Act of 1995 and in Particular its Provision Concerning Trademark Protection of 3-Dimensional Shapes Ralf M. Kern 98.1 69
Domain Name Protection Slattery& Guan 98.2 80
An Inquiry into the Current Trade Secret Protection System in China Chi Shaojie 98.3 64
Frontier Patent Right Protection in China Peng Maoxiang 98.4 55
The Case of Dispute over the Infringement on the Copyright and Exclusive Publication Right Between Linguistic Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Commercial Press and Wang Tongyi Zhang Ping 98.1 75
The Case of Infringement on the BOC Card Xiao Hongkai 98.2 85
Establishing the Liability for Infringement in Copyright Infringement Cases ZhangGuangliang 98.3 70
Case of Trademark Review and Adjudication   98.3 75
The amendment of patent application documents; Disputes between foreigners over the attribution of the patent right; Hong Kong patents after the return of the territory to China Lou, Dong, Xu 98.1 82
Can Works of Applied Art from the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Regions Receive Protection in Mainland and China? Xu Chao 98.2 86
Registration Procedure for Hong Kong Standard Patent   98.3 88
Elaboration on Vertification, Cross-examination and Adoption of "Expert Conclusions" Yang Jinqi 98.4  60
Legal Issues of Intellectual Property Involving the Case of KV300 Li Chaoying 98.4 67
Arbitrating International Intellectual Property Disputes in China Peng Chen 98.3 83
HX Tumor Prober   98.2 88
Explanations of Several Questions on Patent Application in China Mainland and Hong Kong after the Return of Hong Kong to China   98.2 95
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1997)   98.1 85
Statistics on Patent Application and Approval in China 1997   98.2 97
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (4th Quarter 1997)   98.2 98
Statistics on Chinese Patents over the Years   98.2 101
Statistical Data on Trademarks in China   98.2 102
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (1st Quarter 1998)   98.3 98
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (2nd Quarter 1998)   98.4 92
Magnificent Centennial Meeting of the AIPLA   98.1 92
German IP Delegation Visits China   98.1 93
PRMA President and Party Visits CPO Li Changqing 98.1 94
All-China Patent Agents Association Elects New Council OurCorrespondent 98.2 104
Chinese Patent Office Renamed State Intellectual Property Administration of China Our Correspondent 98.2 104
International Symposium on the PCT System in the 21st Century Xiao Hai 98.3 102
INTA Delegation Visits Beijing Shi Xiaomei 98.3 102
Hong Kong-Mainland Symposium on Intellectual Property 1998 Xiao Hai 98.3 103
Delegation of All-China Patent Agent Association Visits Japan and South Korea Jin Jimin 98.4 99

Protection of Intellectual Property by the Courts of Beijing Municipality   98.4 102

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