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 Index  (No.1-4/1999,Vol. 56-59)
Prospects for Intellectual Property Research in China in the 21st Century Li Ying 99.1 5

Prospects for Intellectual Property Research in China in the 21st Century Li Ying 99.2 6
Several Issues Concerning IP Litigation Attorneys Yang Jinqi 99.2 13
Ineractive Effects of the Contract Law and IP Legislation Zheng Chengsi 99.3  6
IP Infringement Disputes and Administrative Enforcement Liu Xiaohai 99.3 14
Interactive Effects of the Contract Law and IP Legislation Zheng Chengsi 99.4 6
Intellectual Property System Inaugurated and Developed in the Reform and Opening up in China Jiang Ying 99.1 12
Thoughts on the Second Revision of the Chinese Patent Law Wen Xikai 99.1 19
Determination of “Technical Features" in Claims Zhang Rongyan 99.1 27
Protection of Patent for Computer Software and Drafting of Its Application Documents Ge Baocheng 99.1 32
Annual Report (1998-99)--Patent Applications and Grants in '98 and Main Work in Patent Examination for '99 in China Wu Boming 99.2 21
"Identical Invention" Revisited Zhang Rongyan 99.2 28
Practice and Conception in Judgement of Similarity of Designs Zhao Jiaxiang 99.2 35
Review of the Work on Hearing Cases of Patent Administration ChengYongshun 99.3 19
On Claims Containing Mathematical Formula Li Yonghong 99.3 25
All-China Patent Agents Association Jimin 99.3 31
Is Supplementation of Examples and Data on Effect Permissible During the Procedure of Examination ? Zhang Qingkui 99.4 14
Assessment of Inventiveness of Patent Applications for Invention Wu Guanle 99.4 21
A Study on Fixation of Liability for Patent Infringement Wu Yuhe 99.4 28
The Interests and Protection of Prior Trademark Users Jin Xi 99.1 37
Reflections on the Second Revision of the Chinese Trademark Law Dong Baolin 99.2 40
Effects of Distinctiveness of Trademarks on Their Registration and Protection Huang Hui 99.2 48
Trademark Gazette --A Statutory Procedure in Trademark Administration Hou Liye 99.3 31
The Laws and Regulations Governing Revocation of Improperly Registered Trademarks and Their Enforcement in China Fan Hanyun 99.3 38
On Examination of Pharmaceutical Trademarks Yu Lan 99.3 46
Legal Protection of Names Peculiar to Well-known Goods in China ---A Case Study Yang Jinqi 99.4 35
On fraus omnia corrumpit Huang Hui 99.4 40
Legal Protection of Works of Fine Art as Viewed from the Case of “Wu Song's Fight with the Tiger" Shen Rengan 99.1 42
The Issue of Super-national Treatment - Discussion on the Revision of the Chinese Copyright Law (1) Xu Chao 99.1 49
Issue of Copyright Conflicts in China as Shown in Judicial Practice   Cao Ying 99.1  58
Problems in the Practice of Copyright Enforcement--Discussion on Revision of the Chinese Copyright Law(2) Xu Chao 99.2 59
Musical Copyright Association of China Ma Jichao 99.2 66
Legal Liability of Computer Software Users Zou Bian 99.2 69
Protection of Technological Measures in China as Viewed from US Legislation on Digital Copyright Xue Hong 99.2 76
'98 Copyright Statistic of China   99.2  87
Problems of Copyright Arising from New Technologies -- Discussion on the Revision of the Chinese Copyright Law (3) Xu Chao 99.3 63
Impact of Digital Technology on Copyright System and Revision of Chinese Copyright Law Ying Ming 99.4 48
On Infringement Liability of Software Users Li Chaoying 99.4 56
Protection of Copyright in Computer Game Software Xu Chao 99.4 64
The New Chinese Contract Law and Strengthening Protection of Trade Secrets Liu Xiaohai 99.4 70
Development and Analysis of Legislation on Integrated Circuits in China Fang Hua 99.1 65
Principle for Determination of Infringement in Package Decoration Chi Shaojie 99.1 72
Misher Vs. Mysheros Xiao Hai 99.1 78
IPR Case Updates FAN 99.2 84
IPR Case Updates Wu Yuhe 99.2 84
IPR Case Updates Jiang Qinfeng 99.2 84
IPR Case Updates LV Guoqiang 99.2 86
A Case Involving a Request for Invalidation of an Invention Patent for the Process for Preparing a Pharmaceutical Composition Beiyuan 99.3 69
A Case of Infringement on the Trademark "Garfield"   99.3 71
A Case of Infringement Committed by Downloading an Article from the Internet for Publication Zhi 99.3 72
Japan International Friendship Trading Company v. Beijing Changyang Gongneng Foodstuff Factory Wen Qi 99.3 73
Shell v. Shanbei Shen Yue 99.3 74
A Case of Infringement Involving a Design Patent and a Package Decoration with US Registered Copyright Ye Chuan 99.4 81
Preemptive Registration of the Domain Name "IKEA" Hong 99.4 87
Trademark Infringement of MANARIN, EVLIAN and VOLVO Dong Baolin 99.4 87
Dispute over PDA Trademark and Domain Name Xiao Hai 99.4 90
The First Case of Copyright on Internet in China Cao Ying 99.4 90
How International Right Holders Seek IP Legal Remedy in China DongJiangxiong 99.1 82
Several Issues Concerning Export of Technologies Li Zengying 99.3 77
Provisions for Investigation and Handling of Acts of Passing off Patent By Administrative Authority for Patent Affairs   99.2 91
Contract Law of the People's Republic of China   99.3  80
Opinions on Several Issues Concerning Service Trademark Protection   99.4 92
Opinions on Resolution of Several Issues Concerning Trademarks and Enterprise Names   99.4 94
Opinions on Several Issues Concerning Service Trademark Protection   99.4 94
Statistics on Patent Applications and Approvals (3rd Quarter 1998)   99.1 88
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (1998)   99.2 95
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (4th Quarter 1998)   99.2 96
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (1st Quarter 1999)   99.3 106
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (2nd Quarter 1999)   99.4 96
Tenth Anniversary of the All-China Patent Agent Association Xiao Hai 99.1 91
Meeting Between FICPI and the All-China Patent Agents Association. XIAO HAI 99.1 92
International Symposium on the Protection of Intellectual Property for the 21st Century Zhang Jinrui 99.1 94
Thirty-Third Series of Meeting of WIPO Xu Chao 99.1 98
Copyright Protection Center of China XIAO HAI 99.2 44
WIPO Directory General Visits Beijing Xiao Hai 99.2 101
Delegation of China Patent Agent Takes on a Lecturing Tour in Europe   99.2 103
The Delegation of the Japan Patent Office Visits CPA Headquarters   99.3 102
Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd OurCorrespondent 99.3 110
The Symposium on HI-tech Investment and IP Protection and Enforcement in China Held in America Our Correspondent 99.4 101

Global Meeting to Herald the "Digital Era" OurCorrespondent 99.4 103

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