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Index (No.1-4/2000,Vol. 60-63)
WTO and Chinese IP Laws Zheng Chengsi 2000.1  7

Prepare to Meet the Challenges of the New Millennium Zheng Songyu 2000.1 14
IP Protection in the Era of Knowledge-based Economy Jiang Ying 2000.2  4
WTO and Chinese IP Laws Zheng Chengsi 2000.2 13
Sino-foreign Bilateral IP Agreements Yang Guohua 2000.3 6
Respect for the Rule of Autonomy of Parties to Technology Contracts Gong Zheng 2000.3 12
Theoretical Misconceptions and Progress in the Law of Tort. Zheng Chengsi 2000.4 6
Several Issues Relating to Burden of Proof Against Infringement of Patents for Process Cheng Yongshun 2000.1 21
Reanalysis of Disclosure by Publication Li Yonghong 2000.1 31
Expediting Examination, Clearing off Arrears and Ushering in the New Century Bai Guangqing 2000.2 23
Expediting Examination Clearing off Arrears and Ushering in the New Century Wu Boming 2000.2 23
Patent Licensing Right and Its Protection Bai Guangqing 2000.2 28
Contracts and Technology Disclosure Zhang Rongyan 2000.2 35
Sale of Products and Disclosure by Use Zhang Xiaodu 2000.3 19
Conditions for Cited Documents Constituting Disclosed Contents of Inventions Bai Guangqing and Feng Xiaobing 2000.3 26
On the Second Amendment of the Patent Law Yin Xintian 2000.4 15
Patent Protection for Biological Inventions in China Zhang Qingkui 2000.4 24
Concentration of Applications for Invention Patents and Its Analysis Wu Xiaoming 2000.4 32
Determination of Obligation to Confidentiality Relating to Disclosure of Technical Solution Zhang Xiaodu 2000.4 40
Determination of Infringement on Patent for Pharmaceutical Process  Wu Yuhe 2000.4 61
Trend of Internationalization of Trademark Protection and Its Impact on the Legal System of Trademark in China Cao Zhongqiang 2000.1 40
Several Issues Relating to Substantive Examination of Service Marks Xie Lejun 2000.2 46
Trademark Infringement in Parallel Import Yang Jinqi 2000.3 31
A Comparison of Trademark Theories and Practices across the Taiwan Strait Yang Ping 2000.3 38
China's Experience in Implementation of the Madrid Agreement and Its Protocol Hou Lin 2000.4 47
Thoughts on Revision of the Current Chinese Copyright Law Shen Rengan 2000.1  51
Impact of Digital Technology on Copyright System and Revision of Chinese Copyright Law Ying Ming 2000.1 63
Protection of the Rights of Producers of Phonogram Under Network Environment Ma Xiaogang and Xiao Qun 2000.3 47
Steps Toward a Stronger Software Industry in China Tom Robertson 2000.3 53
Protection of Producers of Phonograms Under the Chinese Law Liu Bolin 2000.4 54
On the Legal Issues Relating to Contract Disputes over Technical Secret Transfer Yang Jinqi 2000.2 52
Information, Information Flow and Their IP Rights Guo He 2000.1 73
Basic Court Approach to Handling IP Disputes on Internet Shan Yan 2000.1 82
A Comparative Analysis of the Procedure for Resolution of Disputes between Domain Names and Trademarks in China Jiang Qinfeng 2000.2 60
A Comment on an Internet Copyright Dispute Xu Chao 2000.3 62
Legal Issues and Practice in Resolution of Domain Name Disputes Li Yong 2000.3 68
Validity of IP Licensing Contracts on the Internet Xue Hong 2000.3 75
New Varieties of Plants      
Protection of New Varieties of Plants in China Chen Ruming 2000.2 67
A case of Improperly Registered "Wansheng" Trademark Meng Qingfa 2000.1 89
An Infringement upon the Exclusive Right of US Kraft General Foods Inc. to Use the Registered Trademark Tang Dong Baolin 2000.1 90
IP Cases Updates Xiao Hai 2000.2 74
A Case of Infringement Upon the Registered Funandan Trademark Gong Yun 2000.2  76
A Case of Infringement Upon the Registered "正露" Trademark...   2000.2 79
An Infringement Upon the Registered Marlboro Trademark Gong Yun 2000.2 81
An Administrative Patent Litigation: Evic Van't Hooft v. Patent Reexamination Board Zhang Guangliang 2000.3 84
An improper Trademark Registration Case Involving Indication of Origin He Min 2000.3 88
IP Case Updates Li Xiaoli 2000.3 92
IP Case Updates Fan 2000.3 92
Several Issues Concerning the Procedure for PCT Applications to Enter the National Phase in China Helen H. Jiang 2000.4 74
Opinions on Several Issues Relating to the Administrative Enforcement of Trademarks   2000.2 86
An Answer to the Issue Concerning the Use of Words in Registered Trademarks   2000.3 43
Patent Law of the People's Republic of China   2000.4 83
Several Guiding Opinions of Beijing Higher People's Court Relating to the Hearing of Civil Disputes over IP Rights Arising from Registration and Use of Domain Names   2000.4 92
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (3rd Quarter 1999)   2000.1 92
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants (4th Quarter 1999)   2000.2 90
Statistics on Patent Application and Grants in 1999   2000.2 93
Statistics on Trademark Application and Grants in 1999   2000.2 94
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (1st Quater 2000)   2000.3 95
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (2nd Quater 2000)   2000.4 93
International Symposium on Intellectual Property and Knowledge-based Economy Our Correspondent 2000.1 98
WIPO Asian Regional Symposium on Collective Administration of Copyright and Related Rights Xiao Hai 2000.1  98
UNESCO/NCAC Seminar on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in the Era of Digitalization Xiao Hai 2000.1 99
Third Symposium of Academic Exchange on Intellectual Property between the Taiwan Straits  Xiao Hai 2000.1 99
Hail Microsoft and Fight Piracy---China will Create Anti-Piracy Alliance Xiao Hai 2000.2 21
New General Manager in Office   2000.2 102
Joint Council Meeting of Sino-Japanese Patent Agents Associations Held in Beijing Our Correspondent 2000.2 103
Patent Law Treaty to Enter into Force Wen Xikai 2000.3 102
Chief Editor of This Journal the China Patents and Trademarks Has Passed Away   2000.3 103
The 2000 Annual Meeting of China Intellectual Property Society   2000.4 102
The Supreme People's Court ReformS Its Organisational Structure   2000.4 103
Author of Paper-cut Works Vs the State Post Office of China   2000.4 103

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