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 Index ( (No.1-4/2001,Vol. 64-67)
Several Issues Relating to Adjudication of Cases of Disputes Arising from Domain Name Registration Cheng Yongshun 2001.1  8

An Inquiry into the Issue of Exhaustion of Patent Right under WTO Legal System Yu Xiang 2001.1 21
Limitation of Action Involving Intellectual Property Rights Zhang Xiaodu 2001.1 31
Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law and IP Research Zheng Chengsi 2001.2  8
China's Accession to WTO and Protection of Intellectual Property Gao Lulin 2001.3  7
Judicial IP Protection and Latest Developments in China ChengYongshun 2001.3 18
A Provisional Measure for IP Protection ---Pre-order for Suspension of Related Acts Liu Xiaohai 2001.3 28
Impact of the Revision of the Patent Law on the Procedure of Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Li Zheng 2001.1  37
International Applications for Entering the National Phase in China Yu Yuzhen 2001.1 43
An Analysis and Exploration of Invalidation of a Patent on the Ground of Amendment Going Beyond the Disclosure Lin Jianjun 2001.1 50
A Topic on Harmonisation: Relative and Absolute Novelty DiJiangSchuerger 2001.1 57
Present Situation of Patent Protection in China in 2000 Wang Jingchuan 2001.2 18
Parallel Importation as Viewed from the Chinese Patent Law Yin Xitian 2001.2 25
Speeding up the Examination and Approval of Patent Applications Is a Primary Task of the Patent Office in the New Century Wu Boming 2001.2 31
On "Interested Parties' Admission" in the Procedure of Patent Invalidation Li Yonghong 2001.2 37
Invalidation and "Partial" Invalidation of Patent Right for Design Colliding with Others' Prior Right Zhao Jiaxiang Zhang Yueping 2001.2 44
Patentability of Invention-Creations for E-commerce ---- As Viewed from the US Patent No. 5,193,056 Huang Min 2001.2 51
Discussion on the Provision of Rule 25 of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law Liu Zhi 2001.3 33
An Overview of the Second Revision of the Chinese Patent Law He Yuefeng 2001.4 6
Several Issues Relating to the Implementation of the revised patent Law Lin Jianjun & Yang jinqi 2001.4 14
An Overview of Applications for Patents for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Examination Practice Zheng Yongfeng 2001.4 23
"Pre-trial Injunction" and Equity Remedies Dong Wei 2001.4 30
On the Issue of Supplementing Examples and Data on Effect Liu Zhi 2001.4 35
Patent Invalidation in China Wu Yuhe 2001.4 40
Several Issues Relating to "Disclosure in Publication" Zhang Rongyang 2001.4 46
Changed Grounds for Patent Invalidation and the Amplification of the Relevant Legislation Bai Guangqing 2001.4 54
Examination of Abandonment of Partial Exclusive Trademark Right Cao Xinwei 2001.1 64
Preposed and Postposed Opposition Procedures and Their Pros and Cons Wu Qun 2001.1 69
Protection of Appellations of Origin in China Xie Lejun 2001.1 74
Administrative Trademark Protection in China in 2000 Hou Lin 2001.2 57
On Current Well-known Mark System in China Wei Zhi 2001.2 63
Issue of Ordering Compensation in Administrative Enforcement of Trademark Huang Guilin 2001.2 70
Protection of Well-known Marks in China Zhang Junqin 2001.3 40
Establishedness and Justness of Trademark Right Wang Chunyan 2001.3 48
Resolution of Conflicts Between Trademark Rights And Trade Name Rights in China Hao Yuqiang 2001.4 60
A Glimpse of the Criminal System for Copyright Protection in China Liu Bolin 2001.2 77
Recent Developments in Copyright Protection of Computer Software in China Xu Chao 2001.3 56
A Comparision of and Inquiry into the Methods for Determination of Technical Secret and Patent Infringement. Lin Jianjun, Yang Jinqi 2001.3 63
Collection and Examination of Evidence for Cases on the Internet Xue Hong 2001.1 79
E-Commerce and IP Protection Li Shunde 2001.1  85
Hypertextual Linking and IP Infringement Liability Xue Hong 2001.4 66
A New Component of the IP Legal System in China Luo Hong 2001.4 72
Dispute over Domain Name: "Hotmail" Li Yanrong 2001.2  
ISP's Legal Liability for Hyperlinking Wang Fanwu 2001.2 84
IP Case Updates Wu Yuhe 2001.2 88
Dispute over Domain Name: KFC & Rolex Liang Zhong 2001.2 88
Registering and Using Another Person's Well-known Marks as a Domain Name Constitute Trademark Infringement Jiang Ying 2001.3 72
Several Legal Issues in the Case of Unfair Competition Involving the Trademark "LGM" Used on the Special Fermented Soya Beans Cheng Yongshun 2001.4 79
Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court of Several Issues Relating to Adjudication of and Application of Law to Cases of Copyright Disputes on Computer Network89   2001.1 89
Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China   2001.3 85
Proclamation No.78 Issued by the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China   2001.3 100
Regulations for the Protection of Layout-design of Integrated Circuits   2001.3 104
Several Provisions of the Supreme People's Court for the Application of Law to Stopoing Infringement of Patent Right Before Instituting Legal Proceedings   2001.4 85
Several Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Issues Relating to Application of Law to Adjudication of Cases of Patent Disputes   2001.4 89
Interpretation by the Supreme People's Count of Several Issues Relating to the Application of Law in Adjudication of Cases of Civil Disputes over Domain Names on Computer Network   2001.4 94
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (3rd Quarter 2000)   2001.1 91
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (4th Quarter 2000)   2001.2  91
Statistics on Trademark Applications and Registrations   2001.2  97
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (1st Quarter 2001)   2001.3 107
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (2nd Quarter 2001)   2001.4 98
The Asian Regional Symposium on IP Protection of New Technologies   2001.1 96
The International Symposium on the Protection of Musical Rights and Interests   2001.1 96
Diplomatic Conference Ends with No Agreement Despite Substantial Progress   2001.1 97
CIETAC Authorised to Resolve Chinese Domain Name Disputes   2001.1 98
Cases of Bad Faith, Abusive Registration of Domain Names   2001.1  98
A Case of Infringement on a Trade Secret   2001.1 98
Overview of Copyright Protection in China in 2000 XinGuangwei 2001.2 101
Hong Kong Legalizes Severer Punishment Against Corporate Copyright Piracy Xiao Hai 2001.2 101
The Trademark Law of Taiwan Under Revision Xiao Hai 2001.2 102
News from Internet   2001.2 102
Review of the Quality Brands Protection Committee in 2000 Xiao Hai 2001.2 103
Acknowledgements   2001.4 53
UNESCO Chair in Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Set Up in China   2001.4 95
JAPIT China Patent Council Visits CPA Beijing Office   2001.4 101
The 2nd International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property   2001.4 101

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