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Index  (No.1-4/2003,Vol. 72-75)
Several Issues Relating to the Chinese Civil Code---Intellectual Property Volume (Draft for the Experts' Opinion) Zheng Chengsi 2003.1   8

Several Issues Relating to the Chinese Civil Code---Intellectual Property Volume (Draft for the Experts' Opinion)--Continued Zheng Chengsi 2003.2 7
TRIPS Agreement and Protection of Existing Prior Right under Chinese Trademark Law Dong Binghe 2003.3 6
Probing into and Doubts about Imminent Infringement Doctrine Dong Yue 2003.3 14
Anti-Unfair Competition: Additional IP Protection Zheng Chengsi 2003.4  7
System for Compulsory License for Exploitation of Patents in China Wen Xikai 2003.4 15
Imminent Infringement Reexamined Li Chaoying 2003.4  23
Exploration of the Issue of "Novelty" Zhang Rongyan 2003.1 18
Patent Protection for Software from the Perspective of EC for a Directive Li Yonghong 2003.1 26
Biotech Inventions as Subject-matter of Protection under Chinese Patent Law Zhang Xiaodu 2003.1 33
A Treatise on Patent Protection of Human Cloning Technology He Yuefeng 2003.2 17
Experimental Use Exemption in Clinical Trials of New Drugs Wu Yuhe 2003.2 28
Interpretation of "Technical Features" in Claims Zhang Rongyan 2003.2 38
Patentability Study of Genetic Sequence Zhang Yumin 2003.2 45
Inquiry into Passing off Patent Lan Hangling 2003.3 22
Practical Application of the Principle that "Patent Designs Should Not Conflict with Other's Prior Existing Legitimate Rights" Cheng Yongshun 2003.4 32
On Determination of Conflict of Rights in Invalidation Proceeding: Comments on Shangri-La Hotel Management Co., Ltd. v. PRB He Jingand Dong Wei 2003.4 39
Understanding and Application of Estoppel Doctrine Tan Xiaoqing 2003.4 45
On "Repatenting": Reflections on a Judicial Judgement Zhang Rongyan 2003.4 54
Patentability of Inventions Relating to Business Method Ge Baocheng 2003.4 60
Criminal Protection of Trademark Right in China Hao Yuqiang 2003.1 39
Cases of Trademark Examination Cao Yinwei 2003.1 44
Actively Coping with Dramatic Increase of Trademark Registration Applications and doubling Efforts in Trademark Registration and Administration An Qinghu 2003.2 52
Cases of Trademark Examination Cao Yinwei 2003.2 59
A Tentative Analysis of Provision on Prohibitive Use of Geographical Names and Related Issues Rui Songyan 2003.3 29
Several Issues Relating to Protection of Well-Known Marks Wang Ze 2003.3 37
Acts of Trademark Licensing Not Constitute Trademark Infringement Chi Shaojie 2003.3 44
A Case Study on the Examination of Three-dimensional Trademarks Cao Yinwei 2003.3 48
On Traders' Liability for Trademark Infringement Chi Shaojie 2003.4 64
What Does the Trademark "Peter Rabbit" Protect Chris X. Lin 2003.4 69
Cases of Trademark Examination Cao Yinwei 2003.4 75
Internet and Copyright Protection Shen Rengan 2003.2 65
"Digitised Publication" and Its Copyright-related Legal Issues Xue Hong 2003.2 72
Highlights and Analysis of Copyright-related Precedents Judged by Beijing Higher People's Court in 2002 Chen Jinchuan 2003.3 54
Several Legal Issues in Hearing Domain Name Cases Li Yanrong 2003.1 48
Policy on Domain Names in China Chaoying Li 2003.1 55
Non-governmental Mechanism and Adjudication Principles for Resolution of Domain Name Disputes in China Li Hu 2003.4 80
Direct Judicial Remedies in Conflicts between Trademark Right and Other Rights: Revelation from a Case of Infringement of the Copyright in a Work of Fine Art Wang Ze 2003.1 64
Comments on and Analysis of the Case Interlego AG v. Kegao Company Arising from Dispute over Copyright in Work of Applied Art Zhang Guangliang 2003.2 83
Criminal Penalty Plus Civil Liability Lu Guoqiang 2003.3 63
P&G v. Chenxuan: a Case Study of Conflict between Domain Name and Trademark Mark L Ye 2003.3 71
An Analysis of the Case Tailian Liangzi v. Xingyuan Liangzi, a Case of Dispute Arising from Infringement of Exclusive Right to Use Registered Trademark Zhou Xiaoping 2003.3 81
How to Determine Obligation for Filing Chinese Translation of Evidence in Foreign Language in Patent Invalidation Procedure Lou Yuhong 2003.4 87
Technical Transfer Licensing Contracts and System for Recordsation Thereof in China Chi Shaojie 2003.1 71
Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court of Several Issues Relating to Application of Law to Trial of Cases of Civil Disputes over Trademarks   2003.1 76
Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court of Several Issues Relating to Application of Law to Trial of Cases of Civil Disputes over Copyright   2003.1 81
Rules for Trademark Review and Adjudication   2003.1 91
Decision by the State Council on Revision of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law   2003.2 95
Provisions for the Establishment and Protection of Well-Known Trademarks   2003.3 87
Measures for the Registration and Administration of Collective Marks and Certification Marks   2003.3 91
Measures for the Implementation of International Registration of Marks under Madrid Agreement   2003.3 96
Explanations of Several Issues Relating to Trial of Cases of Disputes Arising from Conflicts between Trademarks and Use of Enterprise Names   2003.4 92
Explanations of Several Issues Relating to Trial of Cases of IP Disputes   2003.4 97
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (3rd Quarter 2002)   2003.1 102
Statistics of Patent Applications and Grants   2003.2  97
Statistics of Trademark Applications and Registrations in China   2003.2 101
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (1st Quarter 2003)   2003.3 99
Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (2nd Quarter 2003)   2003.4 100
National Anti-Piracy Organisation Established in China    2003.1 42
Toyota v. Geely Xiao Hai 2003.2 57
Highlights of the Revised Hong Kong Trademark Ordinance   2003.2 76
All-China Patent Agents Association Held Its Sixth General Assembly Ma Tieliang 2003.2  90
"HONG HE" Trademark Case Rui Songyan 2003.2 104
China Intellectual Property Society in Session Xiao Hai 2003.3 102
First Instance Judgement on the Case of Infringement Involving "Jacky Cheung Singing Performance in Tianjin"   2003.3 103
China Music Copyright Association v. Beijing Weidi Electronic Publishing House   2003.3 104
WIPO Publishes Guide to Trademarks for Business   2003.4  57
Last Tribute to Mr Liu Gushu, Pioneer of Patent Cause in China   2003.4 104

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