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Index (No.1-4/2005,Vol. 80-83)
●Limitation on Private Right, IP right and Real Right(cont.)   Zheng Chengsi   2005.1 7
●Criminal Penalty for IP Right Infringement under
 the Chinese Criminal Law   Liu Xiaohai   2005.2 12
●Application of Law to Civil Cases Involving
 Foreign IP Rights   Chen Jinchuan 2005.2 28
●Suit for Establishment of Non-infringement in IP Field   Qiao Rongde   2005.2 38
●IP Right Conflicts and Their Resolution Mechanism   Lu Guoqiang   2005.4 7
●Probing Into Several Issues Concerning PCT International
 Applications in the National Phase in China   He Yuefeng   2005.1 17
●Exploration of Issues Relating to Evidence in
 Administrative Patent Procedure   Lou Yuhong   2005.1 28
●On Application of Doctrine of Counterclaim Based on
 Known Technology   Liu Guowei   2005.1 38
●Analysis of Application of Judgement on "Rejection of
 Plaintiff's Litigant Claim" in Administrative Patent
 Invalidation Procedure   Zhou Yunchuan 2005.1 45
●Looking into Issue of Prior Use Right   Xu Zhongqiang   2005.1 54
●Patent Law and Protection of Traditional Knowledge   Song Hongsong   2005.2 49
●Due Resolution of Conflicts between Design and Other Rights  Zhang Rongyan   2005.2 61
●Comments on Patentability of Methods for Doing Business   Liu Guowei   2005.3 6
●Utility Model Patent and Non-shape or Non-structure
 Technical Features: Comments Triggered by the Case of
 Dispute over Infringement of Patent for Utility Model of
 Medicated Withy Fixing Frame for Join Bones   Zhang Xiaodu   2005.3 15
●Interested Parties' "Admission" in Patent Cases   Zhang Rongyan   2005.3 26
●Several Issues in the Practice of Design Patent Examination   Zhong Hua   2005.3 35
●Understanding and Application of "Sufficient Disclosure"
 in Patent Invalidation Proceedings   Wei Zheng   2005.3 41
●Comparison Between the US and Chinese Design
 Patent Systems   Wei Zheng   2005.4 18
●On Conflicting Application   Wang Cheng   2005.4 26
●Protection of Prior Name Right under the Chinese
 Trademark Law   Wang Ze   2005.1 62
●Cases of Trademark Examination, Review and Adjudication   Cao Xinwei   2005.1 68
●Cases of Trademark Examination, Review and Adjudication   Cao Xinwei   2005.2 68
●Administrative Protection of Trademarks and Recent
 Developments in China   Li Dongsheng   2005.3 47
●On Application of Law to Crime of Counterfeiting
 Registered Marks   Zhou Xiang   2005.3 54
●Non-registered Trademarks Should Not Be Protected:
 Protection of Non-registered Trademarks as Viewed
 in the Little Fat Sheep Case   Mark L Ye  2005.3 63
●Several Issues Relating to Registered Trademark
 License Recording   Hu Gang   2005.3 70
●Cases of Examination, Review and Adjudication of
 Phrase and Slogan Trademarks   Cao Xinwei   2005.3 77
●Recordal of Trademark Licensing Contract Not Affecting
 Licensee's Right   Chi Shaojie   2005.4 33
●Probing Into the Legal Effect of License of Trademark
 Under Seizure   Tan Xiaoqing   2005.4 42
●Cases of Trademark Review and Adjudication, and Lawsuit   Cao Xinwei   2005.4 52
●Characteristics of the People's Court's Order to Zhang Lumin and 
 Compensate Damages for Copyright Infringement   Zhang Xuesong   2005.2 74
●Legal Issues of Copyright in Digital Library Building:
 a Chinese Judicial Prespective   Zhao Jing   2005.4 60
●Library, Internet Service Provider, Internet Piracy and
 "Balance of Interests"   Zheng Chengsi   2005.4 69
●Quality Brands Protection Committee and Its Anti-
 Counterfeiting Mission   Our Correspondent 2005.1 76
●Non-infringement Suit Involving Dispute over Trademark
 Infringement: Comments on the Case of Peter Rabbit
 Trademarks Infringement   Jiang Ying   2005.2 83
●Design Similarity Evaluation as Viewed from Patent
 Invalidation Case No. 3901   Zhao Jiaxiang   2005.3 85
●Whether New Evidence Should Be Accepted in
Administrative Trademark Cases   Shi Gu   2005.4 77
●Standards for Determining Similar Goods in
 Trademark Civil Disputes   Huang Yibiao   2005.4 86
●Procedural Issues in the Case of Reexamination of
 Rejection of ENVACAR Trademark   Yang Wenquan   2005.4 93
●An Overview of the IP Enforcement System in China   Wu Yuhe   2005.1 85
●Legal Issues Relating to Patenting R & D Achievements
 Made by Multinationals in China   Wei Zheng   2005.3 92
●Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court and
 the Supreme People's Procuratorate of Several Issues
 Relating to Specific Application of Law to the Treatment of
 Criminal Cases of Intellectual Property Infringement     2005.1 91
●Regulations on Collective Administration of Copyright     2005.2 94
●Measures for Administrative Protection of Copyright
 on the Internet     2005.3 97
●Statistics on Patent Applications and Grants (3rd Quarter 2004)     2005.1 95
●Statistics on IPR Enforcement in China 2004     2005.2 100
●Statistics on Patent and Trademark Applications     2005.2 101
●IP Law Society of the China Law Society Held Its 2004 Annual Meeting     2005.1 100
●US Attorneys' Lecturing Tour in China     2005.1 100
●US International Trade Commission Terminated Infringement
 Investigation of Chinese Battery Manufacturers    2005.1 101
●IP Crimes Establishment and Penalty as Recently Promulgated in China 2005.1 101
●Renowned IP Scholars Charging Digitised Library with Infringement  2005.2 104
●CPA Delegation at the 127th INTA Annual Meeting in the U.S.  2005.3 IBC
●The Patent Law and Its Implementing Regulations to Be Revised in China   2005.3 31
●Shanghai Courts: RMB 1,000 Yuan to be Paid for
 Infringement of Copyright in Each MTV Work.   2005.3 102
●International Forum, Innovation: IPR and China's Modernisation    2005.3 102
●Yahoo Got Back Its Domain Name "YAHOO" in China    2005.3 103
●Patent Statistics and IPR Laws Update Online.   2005.3 103
●The Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre Commenced
 to Accept Short Message Website Disputes     2005.3 103
●CPA Corporate Executive Called on SIPO Leaders.  2005.3 104
●SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu Inspected CPA Beijing Office   2005.3 104
●Lawsuit Updates     2005.4 97

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