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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2006,Vol. 84-87)
Reflections on Several Issues in Patent Law Implementation    Cheng Yongshun 2006.1   6 
Misunderstanding and Misapplication of Equivalent Doctrine     Wei Zheng          2006.3   11 
International IP Protection and Challenges Facing China          Zheng Chengsi    2006.4    9 
Several Legal Issues Relating to Service Technological Results Liu Xiaohai         2006.4   22    
Application of Equivalent Doctrine in Utility Model
 Patent Infringement Lawsuit                                                 Meng Fanxin      2006.1   15 
Probing into Legal Effect of Patent Right in Suspension          Meng Rui           2006.1   24 
Exploration of Design Priority Examination                            Zhong Hua         2006.1   32 
Thoughts on Issue of Legal Person Status of
 Applicants in Patent Application                                            Wu Lili et al        2006.1   39 
On Amendment of PCT International Application
 in the National Phase                                                           Gao Chun          2006.1   45 
On "Essential Technical Feature" in Claims                             Zhang Rongyan 2006.2    8 
Determination of Extent of Protection for
 Invention and Utility Model Patents                                       Zhao Ming         2006.2   18 
Reflection on the Issue of "Foreign Priority Right"
 in Design Patent Application                                                 Wei Zheng          2006.2   28 
Use of Notarised Evidence in Administrative
 Patent Invalidation Procedure and Judicial Procedure              Tong Shu           2006.2   36 
Probing into "Handlebar" Patent Infringement Case                 Zhang Rongyan 2006.3   27 
Tentative Analysis of Effect of Admission in
 Patent Invalidation Proceedings                                             Zhong Hua         2006.3   36 
The Issue of Validity of SIPO's Gazette No.80 and
 Its Solution                                 Li Decheng, Zeng Xueming  2006.3   43 
On the Issue of Suspension of Patent Infringement Procedure  Yao Bingbing      2006.3   50 
Problems with Consolidated Examination
 System and Their Resolution                                                Zhou Yunchuan  2006.3   58 
Reflections on Improvement of Utility Model System in China  Zhang Rongyan 2006.4   35 
Assessment of Patentability of Inventions Relating to
 "Rules and Methods for Mental Activities"                              Cui Aiping          2006.4   46 
A Comparative Study of Systems of Utility Model
 Patent Search Report in Mainland China and Taiwan Region     Wei Zheng          2006.4   56 
Single Parameter Range and Whole Parameter Range,
 and Assessment of Novelty                                                  Zhang Zhongying 2006.4   65    
Legal Protection Viewed from the "HEINEKEN"
 Trademark Case                                  Chen Rong, Zhang Wei 2006.1   51 
Cases of Trademark Review and Adjudication, and Litigation  Cao Xinwei        2006.1   59 
Causes of Trademarks Having the Nature of Fraud                 Wang Ze            2006.2   44 
Cases of Trademark Examination, Review and Adjudication     Cao Xinwei        2006.2   52 
Preliminary Analysis of Examination of Relative
 Grounds for Trademark Refusal                                           Chen Xiaohua     2006.3   67 
A Trademark Dispute Arising from Use of Registered
 and Non-registered Trademarks in Combination                      Liu Ping             2006.3   77 
Civil Relief for and Limitation on Unused
 Registered Trademarks                                                        Wang Ze            2006.3   85 
Several Issues Relating to Trademark
 Infringement Determination                                                  Zhu Dan            2006.4   74 
Cases of Review and Adjudication and Lawsuit
 Involving Trademark Composed of Combination of Colours    Cao Xinwei        2006.4   81    
Impact of Enforcement of Right of Communication
 through Information Network                                               Chen Wen          2006.4   89
IP Attorney's Role in Merger and Acquisition      Chen Rong, Zhang Wei          2006.2   59    
Legal Reflection on Case of Conflict Between Geographic
 Indication Right and Trademark Right in "JINHUA HAM"        Lu Guoqiang      2006.1   66 
Limitation on Exclusive Right to Use Registered Trademark     Wang Yanfang    2006.1   73 
What Can Be Learned from a Case of Arbitration
 Involving Patent Assignment Contract                                   Chi Shaojie         2006.2   67 
On the First Case of Pre-action Injunction Granted
 in Beijing: Red Lion Paint Co., Ltd. v.
 Red Lion Jing Paint Trading Co., Ltd .                                    Zhou Xiaobing    2006.4   96    
How to Deal with Procedural Issues Often
 Encountered by Foreign Applicants for Chinese Patent            Helen Hua Jiang    2006.1   80    
Interview on Patent Infringement Litigation
 Strategy and Skills                                   Our Correspondent    2006.2   75
Rules for Trademark Review and Adjudication                                                  2006.2   80 
Regulations on Protection of Products with Geographic Indications                    2006.2   89 
Regulations for the Protection of the Right of Communication
 through Information Network                                                                         2006.3   90    
Flowcharts of Patent Prosecution and Litigation Procedures    Wu Yuhe            2006.1   85 
Statistic on Trademark Applications and Registrations in 2005                              2006.2   92
Flowcharts of Patent Prosecution and Litigation Procedures    Wu Yuhe            2006.2   93
Lawsuit Updates                                                                                            2006.1   93 
An Academic Overview of Relations between IP Law and Civil Code                   2006.1   99 
China Copyright Delegation Visiting World Intellectual Property Organisation        2006.1 103 
Mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR Intellectual Property
 Symposium 2005 Held in Hong Kong                                                               2006.1 104 
New General Manager of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. And
 Head of China Patents & Trademarks Have Taken Office                                   2006.1 104 
Lawsuit Updates                                                                                            2006.2   96 
An Overview of Research on Legal Protection of Traditional Knowledge              2006.2 101 
First Group of Hong Kong Residents Conferred Chinese Patent
 Attorney Practice Certificate                                                                            2006.2 103 
An Overview of Academic Research on Reverse Passing Off                                 2006.3   97 
Lawsuit Updates                                                                                            2006.3 101 
Pfizer Won the "Viagra" Patent Lawsuit                                     2006.3   Inside Back Cover
Lawsuit Updates                                                                                            2006.4 101 
Last Tribute to Professor Zheng Chengsi, Renowed IP Law Scholar                   2006.4 104    

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