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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2009,Vol. 96-99) 

Amending the Patent Law to Realise the Legislative Aim: Comments on the Draft Amendment to the Patent Law from the Perspective of Patent Right Protection
Cheng Yongshun
2009.1   11
Comments on Two Issues in the Third Amendment of the Patent Law
S. Sam Li
2009.1   25
Probing into Issues of Administrative Antitrust Litigation
Zhang Guangliang
2009.2    7
Patent Invalidation Procedure: Limits of Judical Power and Judicial Certainty
He Huaiwen
2009.3   10 
Probing into Plaintiff Eligibility for Civil Antitrust Litigation
Zhang Guangliang
2009.3   22
Theory and Practice Related to Patent Infringement Damages
The Legal Department of CPA
2009.4   12
Jurisdiction of Anti-monopoly Civil Litigation and Judicial Determination of Monopoly
Zhang Guangliang
2009.4   27
Judicial Practice in Respect of Issue of Double Patenting
Zhou Yunchuan
2009.1   35
Application of Double Patenting Prohibition Doctrine From
 the Perspective of Shu Xuezhang Case
Wei Zheng
2009.1   49
Several Issues in Hearing Design Patent Cases
The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court
2009.2   17
Impact of Drug Dosage Feature on Novelty of Swiss-type Use Claim
Wu Yuhe and Pang Lizhi
2009.2   29
Legislative Progress in Protection of Design Patent and Exploration of Enforcement
Cheng Yongshun
2009.2   40
Beijing Higher People's Court Latest Developments in Adjudication of Patent Cases in 2008
The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court
2009.3   32
How to Define "New Product" Mentioned in Article 61, Paragraph One, of the Patent Law
Zhang Liaodu
2009.3   46
Preliminary Exploration of Legal Character of Prior-art Defence
Sun Hailong and Yao Jianjun
2009.3   58
Explanation and Analysis of the Supreme People's Court's Judicial Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning ?Application of Law to Trial of Cases of Dispute Arising from Patent Infringement
Patent Law Amendment Research Group of CPA
2009.4   38
Whether Dosage Feature Define Medicament Use Claims
Tong Shu
2009.4   50
Establishment of Infringement of Patent for Invention of Process: Comments on BASF v Natong Shizhuang Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhao Lihui
2009.4   58
Patent Risks of Open Source Software
Gaoxiang Zhang
2009.4   66
Preliminary Analysis of Standards of Examination for Drug Mark Registration
Li Zhenghai
2009.1   60
Chinese Court's Determination and Protection of Three-dimensional Marks
Hu Gang
2009.1   69
Alienation of Well-known Marks and Regulation Thereof
Wang Zhengfa
2009.1   77
On Registrability of Generic Names
Rui Songyan
2009.2   52
Relations of Protection of Commodity Names of Drugs with "Prior Right", from Perspective of Case Study
Qu Yousheng
2009.2   62
Trademark Dispute Procedure for the Protection of Non-registered
 Geographical Indications
Shi Xinzhang
2009.2   69
Beijing Higher People's Court Latest Developments in Adjudication of Trademark Cases
The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court
2009.3   71
Meaning and Interpretation of Trademark Referent: Comments on Administrative Litigation Involving Dispute over "Suoai" Trademark
Li Chen
2009.3   82
Determination of Trademark Infringement by OEM
Li Hong 
2009.3   89
Recommendations on the Third Amendment to Trademark Law     
Liang Hui
2009.4   74
Copyright Protection for Chinese Character Font in Computer
Qiao Rongde and Jiang Nandi
2009.1   84
Collective Administration of Audio-Video Copyright in China
Ma Jichao
2009.2   75
How to Determine Direct Infringement with Deep-level Link   
Rui Songyan
2009.4   86
On Issues of Trademark Right Protection as Involved in Auto Tuning Services: Comments on Porsche v. Beijing TechArt
Zhang Xiaojin
2009.4   97
Operational Guide to Intellectual Property Licensing
2009.1   94
Patent Law of the People's Republic of China (2008 Revision)
2009.2   89
Supreme People's Court's Interpretation of Several Issues Relating to Application of Law to Trial of Cases of Civil ?Dispute Involving Protection of Well-known Marks
2009.3   96
IP Event Witness
Lawsuit Updates
2009.1 100
Integrated Trial of IP Cases in Some Local Courts in China
2009.1 102
First China Copyright Annual Meeting Convened in Beijing      
2009.1 104
All-China Patent Agents Association Marked its 20th Anniversary
2009.1 IBC
Falmer Investments Ltd. v. Patent Reexamination Board 
2009.2 101
Neoplan v. Beiing Zhongtong Xinghua Automobile Selling Co., Ltd., et al.
2009.2 103
P & G Sued TRAB on A Dispute Involving the Registration of “护士宝/HUSHUBAO”, An Imitation of Its Mark “护舒宝/WISPER”
2009.3 102
Auto Refitter’s Use of “PORSCHE” Mark Adjudged Infringing Trademark Right
2009.3 101
US Kohler Sued Shunde Kele for the Infringement of Its Trademark “科勒” By the Latter’s Use of the Registered Trademark and Trade Name “科乐” 
2009.3 102
Notice about Related Matters for Implementing the Revised Patent Law Released
2009.4 53
Li Yong Appointed General Manager of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.
2009.4 103
18th Sino-Japanese Intellectual Property Seminar (Xi’an)
2009.4 104

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