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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2007,Vol. 88-91) 

On the Issue of Validity of Technology Contract
Yang Lincun, Yang Jinqi
2007.1    9 
International IP Protection and Challenges Facing China
Zheng Chengsi 
2007.1   20 
How to Determine Jurisdiction over Litigation for Requesting
 Determination of Non-infringement of IP Right
Liu Xiaojun 
2007.2    7 
Several Issues Relating to Trial of Patent and Trademark Cases
           The IP Tribunal of the Beijing 
Higher People's Court
2007.3   10 
Declaratory Judgment in the U.S. and Chinese Courts    
Wei Wei, Yao Huanqing and Tai Hong 
2007.3   25 
Establishment of Indirect/Contributory Patent Infringement in China
Wu Yuhe and Cao Wen 
2007.4   13
Equivalent Doctrine in China
Wu Yuhe, Wang Gang 
2007.1   33 
Probing into Issues Related to Colours Claimed in Design Patent
Xu Qingping 
2007.1   45 
Can US Utility Patent Serve as the Basis of Right of Priority of
 Chinese Design
Liu Guowei 
2007.1   53  
What Is the Essence of Patent Right: Concurrently on
 "Counterclaim Based on One's Own Patent"
Cheng Qiang 
2007.1   59 
Construction of Claims of Patent for Business Methods in China
Jiang Tong 
2007.2   19 
An Overview of the Draft Amendment to the Patent Law
CPT Editorial Department 
2007.2   32 
Prior Art Defence Determination in Case of Dispute Arising
 from Utility Model Patent Infringement
Zhang Xiaodu 
2007.2   42 
A Case Study on Relations between Estoppel Doctrine and
 All Technical Feature Doctrine
Meng Rui 
2007.2   52 
Are Clinical Trials Exempted from Liability for Patent Infringement?
Wu Yuhe 
2007.2   58 
Recommendations on the Draft Amendment to the Patent Law
Cheng Yongshun 
2007.3   38 
Prior Art Defence Against Patent Infringement Allegation in China
Wu Yuhe 
2007.3   52 
Exploration of Principle for Construction of Functional Features
 of Patent Claims
Yu Libiao, Zhao Jing 
2007.3   66 
Whether Reference View Showing State in Use May Be Used to
 Limit the Extent of Protection of Design Patent
Shao Wei, Zhang Wenda 
2007.3   74 
Tentative Analysis of Subjects of Design Similarity Determination
Zhong Hua 
2007.4   30 
Compelled Choice Made in Dilemma: Comments on the Issue of
 Application of Law in the First Case of "Bolar Exception" in China
Jiang Hongyi 
2007.4   37 
Biological Material Deposit and Remedies for Errors
Wei Zheng 
2007.4   43 
Probing into Protection of "Associated Designs" under the
 Current Legal System
Yu Libiao 
2007.4   50 
How to Define "New Product" in Patent Infringement Procedure
Liu, Ren Yi, Yi Jun 
2007.4   59 
Reexamination of Prior Art Defence Determination
Zhang Rongyan 
2007.4   68    
"Ghost" Trademarks in China: Comments on and the analysis of
 preemptive trademark registration in China and the related issues
Wang Zhengfa 
2007.1   69 
Understanding and Application of "Being Already in Use" Mentioned
 in Article 31 of the Trademark Law
Liu Jingyu 
2007.1   81 
Preliminary Analysis of Examination of
 Three-dimensional Trademarks
Chen Xiaohua 
2007.2   63 
Establishment Exceeding Empowerment: Doubts about the Court's
Establishment of "SUANSUANRU" as Well-known Trademark
Zhong Hongbo 
2007.2   71 
Understanding and Application of "Registration of a Trademark
 Acquired by Any Other Unfair Means"
Wang Ze 
2007.3   81 
Probing into Several Issues of Trademark Contract Dispute
Chi Shaojie 
2007.3   88 
Exploring Tough Issues Related to Trademark Use Determination
Liu Xiaojun 
2007.4   76 
Forthcoming Third Amendment of Chinese Trademark Law
Xie Dongwei 
2007.4   84 
Distinction between Trademark Right Cancellation and Invalidation
 Systems and Its Significance
Wang Ze 
2007.4   93    
Copyright Owner's Claims for Damages for Infringement of His Personal Right
 Should Be Supported                                  
Zhao Yishu, Sun Hailong, Yao Jianjun
2007.1   88
Study of the Case of Dispute Arising from Infringement of STARBUCKS
 Trademarks and Unfair Competition
Lu Guoqiang 
2007.2   78 
Determination of Trademark Similarity
Liang Hui 
2007.2   85 
Looking into the First Case of Software Bundle in China
Yang Hui, Ma Ning 
2007.2   91 
Supreme People's Court's Interpretation of Several Issues Relating to
 Trial of Civil Cases of Unfair Competition
2007.2   94 
Supreme People's Court's Several Provisions on the Issue of
 Application of Specific Laws to Cases of Dispute Arising from
Infringement of the Right of New Variety of Plants
2007.2   97 
Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate
Interpretation of Several Issues Relating To Application of the
Specific Laws to the Trial of Criminal Cases of Infringement of IP
Rights (2)
2007.3   94
IP Event Witness
Lawsuit Updates
2007.1   93 
An Overview of Symposium on Improvement of System for
 Intellectual Property Enforcement
Xu Xin 
2007.1   99 
China Trademark Annual Meeting 2006
2007.1 102 
IP Protection in the Environment of Globalisation: An Overview of the
International Conference on Globalisation and the Protection of Intellectual
 Property Rights
Feng Xiaoqing 
2007.2 100 
IP Legislation in China in 2007
2007.3   32
Lawsuit Updates
2007.3   99
Chinese Judges Reaffirm Experimental Use Exemption of Clinical Trials
 from Patent Infringement
Wu Yuhe
2007.4 25
Lawsuit Updates
2007.4 102    
Delegation of All-China Patent Agents Association Visits France.
2007.4 IBC

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