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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2008,Vol. 92-95) 

Judicial Review of Patent Validity/Patentability
 Decisions in China -Damages against
Wu Yuhe 
2008.1   12 
Case Study: Liability for Counter Misuse of
Patent Infringement Litigation
Tao Xinliang 
2008.2    8 
Comparison of Bolar Exception in China and the United
Wu Yuhe, Xiong Yanfeng 
2008.3   13 
A Comparative Study of System of Patent Preliminary
Injunction in China and United States
Sun Hailong,
Yao Jianjun 
2008.3   28 
Judicial Determination of Infringement and Fair Use of Trademark
Wu Yuhe et al
2008.4   10    
How to Define the Height of Inventiveness of Utility Model?...
Li Yonghong 
2008.1   26 
Impact of Cryptic Terms on Clarity of Claims
Du Juan 
2008.1   32 
Doctrine of Indirect Infringement of Patent Should Not Be
 Given Room for Application in China
Wei Zheng 
2008.1   39 
Reconsideration of Prior Art Defence Determination Standards and
 Conflicting Application in Prior Art Defence...
Zhang Xiaodu 
2008.1   46 
Comments on Principles for Construing Function-defined
 Technical Features in Claims
Huang Min 
2008.1   52 
Understanding Judicial Patent Enforcement in China
Ronald S. Fernando 
2008.2   24 
A "Premature Baby": Observations on the First
 Chinese "Bolar Exception" Case
He Huaiwen 
2008.2   43 
What Can Be Learned from the Case of Viagra Patent Invalidation
Tai Hong,
Cheng Miao 
2008.2   52 
Burden of Proof in Patent Reexamination Proceedings
Zhang Rongyan 
2008.2   62 
Thoughts on and Recommendations for Establishing Efficient and
 Cost-effective Patent System
Xue Jilin 
2008.2   70 
Confusions from and Reflections on Software Patent Application
Li Yonghong 
2008.3   40 
Technology Comparison in Application of Prior-art Defence...
He Huaiwen 
2008.3   55 
Probe into Legal Issues Involved in Examination of
 Grace Period for Novelty
Liu Yuanxia,
Qu Yan 
2008.3   68 
Brief Review of Conflicting Application in Prior-art
Huang Min 
2008.3   74 
Embodiments in Patent Description and Claim Construction...
Zhang Xiaodu 
2008.4   22 
Impact of Expressions Limiting Environment of
 Use on Claim Construction  
Wei Zheng 
2008.4   31 
Issues Relating to Standards for Determination of
 Design Patent Infringement  
Zhou Xiaobing 
2008.4   40    
Issues in the Judicial Protection of Well-known Marks and Coping Strategies to Address Them
   IP Tribunal of Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court 
2008.1   66 
Examination of Marks Containing State Name or Geographic
 Name — Interpretation of the Trademark
Examination Standards (1)
Wang Ze 
2008.1   86 
A Trademark Infringement Judgment Open to Discussion:
--Comments on Shanghai Pepsi Coke Inc. v. Zhejiang Lanye
 Brewery Industry Co., Ltd., a case of trademark dispute
Zhou Xiang 
2008.1   97 
Examination of Three-dimensional Marks: Interpretation
Of the Trademark Examination Standards (2)
Wang Ze 
2008.2   77 
How to Choose Proper Chinese Trademark for Trademark
 in Foreign Language...
Hu Gang 
2008.3   82 
Probe into the Standards for Registration and
Protection of Three-dimensional Marks:
 Discussion starting from the Ferrero Case...
Tong Shu 
2008.3   91 
How to Determine Prior Mark "Being Already in Use and Having
Certain Influence" mentioned
 in Article 31 of the Trademark Law...
Liu Xiaojun 
2008.4   48 
Curbing Preemptive Registration of Marks under
 Unfair Competition Law...
Zhang Guangliang 
2008.4   57 
Latest Developments in Trial of Administrative Litigation
Involving Trademark Right Determination in the Beijing
 Higher People's Court
The Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Beijing Higher
People’s Court
2008.4   68
Exclusive Copyright Rights in Digital Environment...
Wang Qian 2008.2   87    
Application of Rule against Hindrance of Evidence Adduction in IP Cases: Comments on Joyoung Corporation and
 Wang Xuning v. Shuaijia Corporation...
Zhang Guangliang 
2008.2   94 
Construction and Application of Article 15 of the
Trademark Law
Wang Ze 
2008.4   80 
Standards for Judicial Determiniation of and Protection
For Names Particular to Famous Goods
Zhao Jing 
2008.4   91    
Supreme People's Court's Provisions Concerning Several Issues Relating to Trial of Civil Cases of Dispute Arising from
Conflicts between Registered Trade Marks or Enterprise
Names and Prior Rights      
2008.2   48
IP Event Witness
Lawsuit Updates
2008.1 102  
Lawsuit Updates
2008.2 100 
Judicial Workshop on Hot Issues in IP-related Civil
2008.3   97
Lawsuit Updates
2008.3 101 
Sino-US Moot Court Sessions for Patent Infringement Litigation
2008.3 104
Licensing Executives Society International Conference
2008.3 104
ACPAA Tours Europe
2008.3 IBC
INTA Annual Meeting                                                                        
2008.3 IBC
Lawsuit Updates  
2008.4 101    

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