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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2010, Vol. 100-103)

Latest Developments in Application of Permanent Injunction as Remedy against Patent Infringement The Legal Department of CPA   2010.2    9  
On Civil Remedy against Monopolistic Acts  Zhang Guangliang   2010.2   21     
Doctrines of Estoppel in Patent System in China  He Huaiwen   2010.1   10  
Reflections on Several Issues of Claim Combination in Invalidation Proceedings  Li Yue, Ren Xiaolan   2010.2   34  
Mechanism for and application of Law to Design Patent Right Conflict Resolution  Zhang Peng, Qian Yijun   2010.2   46  
Latest Developments in Trial of Patent Cases before the Beijing Higher People's Court in 2009    The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court  2010.3    8  
Tentative Analysis of Role of Brief Description of Design in Patent Right Affirmation and Infringement Procedure Zhong Hua   2010.3   17  
Future Development of Protection for Patents for Use of Medicament    Zheng Yongfeng and Fan Lijun  2010.3   25  
Study on Methods for Examination of Inventiveness of Designs  Zhong Hua, Huang Yuping   2010.4    6  
Tentative Examination of Position of "Reference Views of the State in Use" in the Design Patent Regime in China  Jiang Yu, Jiang Shuwei   2010.4   17  
Impacts of "Incorporation by Reference" in PCT International Applications on Applicants  Steve Song   2010.4   28  
Patent Misuse as an Affirmative Defense: Comments on the en hanc case Princo Corporation v. International Trade Commission  He Huaiwen   2010.4   33     
A Comprehensive Analysis of Adjudication of Trademark Administrative Cases  Rui Songyan   2010.1   30  
On Trademark Division System  Shi Xinzhang   2010.1   47  
Understanding and Application of Continued Trademark Use System  Bu Yuanshi   2010.1   53  
Latest Developments in Trial of Trademark Cases by Beijing Higher People's Court in 2009   The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court  2010.3   37  
Major Amendments as Shown in the Draft Amendment to the Trademark Law Submitted for Review  Liang Hui   2010.3   50  
Determination of Statutory Generic Names of Drugs as Viewed from Application of    
 Both the Trademark Law and Drug Administration Law  Wang Yanfang   2010.4   38     
How Should China Respond to Online Piracy of Live Sports Telecasts?  Song Haiyan   2010.3   62  
Right of Communication through Information Network Interpreted from Varied Perspectives  Wang Qian   2010.3   74  
Explanation of Guiding Opinions on Several Issues Relating to Trial of Cases of Network Copyright Dispute (I)  The IP Tribunal of the Beijing Higher People’s Court   2010.4   49  
ISP Liability under the Copyright Law Regime in China  Seagull Haiyan Song   2010.4   61  
Judicial Establishment of Copyright Infringement by Netbar Cinema System Linked to Internet  Qi Lei   2010.4   71     
IC Layout Design    
On Several Issues in Hearing Cases Involving Cancellation of Layout-design of Integrated Circuit  Fan Xiaodong 2010.4   79 
Rules Applicable to Prior Art Defence: Difference in Law Provisions and Analysis Thereof  Zhang Guangliang 2010.2   55  
Reflection on Patent Evaluation Report System in China  Zhang Guangliang   2010.3   84  
Preliminary Remarks about Division of IP Lawsuits  Zhang Guangliang   2010.4   86     
Reflection on Baidu Monopoly Litigation  Tong Shu   2010.1   66  
Kangke v. Merck et al.: Dispute over Infringement of the Exclusive Right to Use the Registered Trademark  Ge Hong   2010.1   75  
How to Determine Trademark Infringement When One Only Sues Dealer  Zhou Xiaobing   2010.1   81  
Poland Komandor S.A. v. Kemanduo Furniture (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.  Mu Shi   2010.1   88  
Excellent Performance Award Laureates of Trademark Law Firms Winning Trademark Lawsuits of Defence in 2009  Xiao Hai   2010.1   94  
Application of Doctrine of Equivalents and Estoppel Doctrine in Patent Infringement Lawsuits  Sun Hailong, Yao Jianjun   2010.2   61  
Understanding of Issue of Amendments Going beyond Scope of Original Application Disclosure and    
 Claims under and Application of Article 33 of the Patent Law from An Epson’s Case  Jiao Yan   2010.2   71     
Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China (2010)      2010.2   77  
Supreme People's Court's Opinions on Several Issues Relating to Trial of Administrative Cases Involving Trademark Right Grant and Affirmation      2010.3   89  
Regulations of the People's Republic of China Regarding Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights      2010.3   96  
The Beijing Higher People's Court's Guiding Opinions on Several Issues Relating to Cases of Network Copyright Dispute      2010.4   92  
Cross-Strait Agreement on Intellectual Property Protection and Cooperation      2010.4   98     
Academic News    
Seminar on Theory and Practice of Patent Infringement Defence  Xiao Hai   2010.1   97  
Seminar on how to understand "by fraud or any other unfair means" as mentioned in the Trademark Law  Xiao Hai   2010.1  101  
IP Event Witness    
IP Event Witness    2010.1  104
Lawsuit Updates     2010.2  100
Commemorating the 25th Anniversity of China Patents & Trademarks     2010.2  104  
IP Event Witness     2010.3 102
An Overview of the Seminar on Practice and Trial of Internet-related Copyright Cases    2010.4  101
Patent Infringement Determination Criteria Seminar Held in Beijing         2010.4 Inside Covers
2010 Sino-Japanese Biotechnology IPR Seminar     2010.4 Inside Back Cover

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