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CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Index (No.1-4/2011, Vol. 104-107)

Innovation, Growth and Development: China's National Experience from
 Her Thirty-Year Intellectual Property System
Tian Lipu 
2011.1    5
System of Reward and Remuneration for Service Inventors and
 Implementation Thereof  
The Legal Department of CPA
2011.1   15
“Extended Protection” and Reversal of Burden of Proof in Respect of
 Patented Process for Obtaining New Product
He Huaiwen 
2011.2   11
Claim Construction, Doctrine of Equivalents and Estoppel
He Huaiwen 
2011.3   10
Analysis of Trial of Foreign-related IP Cases and Related Issues Based on
 Sample Cases Heard by Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People's Court from 2006 to 2010
Yuan Xiuting 
2011.3   21
Product by Process Claim: Extent of Protection and Infringement Determination
Comments on Youta Corp. v. Wangao Corp. 
He Huaiwen 
2011.4   10
Determination of Several Special Types of Evidence in Administrative Patent Cases
Tong Shu 
2011.4   24
On Putting in Proper Position of Examination of Amendments Made to Patent Claims
Li Yue 
2011.1   31
How to Determine "Average Consumers" in Design Patent Infringement Establishment
Zhang Xiaodu 
2011.1   43
Patent Eligibility of Business Method in China from US Perspective
Steve Song and Liu Guowei 
2011.1   54
Examination of Designs for Products in Set Including Similar Designs
Wu Su 
2011.2   26
Impact of Drafting and Prosecution of Patent Application on
 Related Procedures as Viewed from a Practical Case
Li Xuechun and Zhang Rongyan 
2011.2   39
Understanding and Application of Article 47 of the Patent Law
Lu Jianfeng and Li Qing 
2011.2   50
A Study on Improvement of Design Determination Methods
Zhong Hua 
2011.3   30
Determination of Common Knowledge Evidence in Administrative Patent Proceedings
Tong Shu 
2011.3   40
Probing into Hot Issues of Design Patent
Qian Yijun 
2011.4   36
Several Issues Relating to Construction of Means-plus-function Limitation in Patent Claims
Zhang Xiaodu 
2011.4   48
Scrutiny of Examination of Means-plus-function Claims 
Yang Cunji and Zhang Hua
2011.4   60
Origin and Understanding of Special Provisions of Guidelines for
 Patent Examination Regarding Means-plus-function Claims
Wang Tian 
2011.4   68
Determination of Inventiveness of Invention of Element Substitution from
 the Perspective of Diversified Technical Effects
Zhao Yonghui and Lu Dejun 
2011.4   76
Causes for Making Trademark Infringement DefenceI
Rui Songyan 
2011.1   67
Causes for Making Trademark Infringement Defence (II)
Rui Songyan 
2011.2   65
Determination of Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Infringement Cases
Rui Songyan 
2011.3   55
Examination and Determination of Application for Registration of
 Signs Containing State Name as Trademarks and Application of Law
Zhou Yunchuan 
2011.3   68
Scrutiny of “Published Notification” and “Delivered Notification”
 in Trademark Administrative Examination
Jiang Shuwei 
2011.3   78
Chinese Copyright System: Anglo-American or Continental European model?
Adolf Dietz 
2011.1   84
Explanations of the Guiding Opinions on Several Issues Relating to
 Trial of Cases of Network Copyright Dispute (I)  
2011.1   96
Tenability and Validity of Shrink-wrap Contracts: Comments on Guo Li v. Microsoft et al.
Li Saimin 
2011.4   89
Procedure Taking Priority over Rights: Reflections on Issue of New Evidence Furnished
 in Trademark Administrative Cases
Zhang Guangliang 
2011.1 102
Discussion on IP Judicial Institution, Judges and Ways to Hear IP Cases
Zhang Guangliang 
2011.2   80
Reflections on Evaluation of IP Protection Situation
Zhang Guangliang 
2011.3   87
Difficult to Formulate and Amend Law:
 Thoughts on Launched Third Amendment to the Copyright Law
Zhang Guangliang 
2011.4   98
Determination of Similar Trademark in the Sense of Infringement of
 Exclusive Right to Use Trademark
Wang Yanfang 
2011.2   87
Different Ways of Thinking in Hearing Infringement Disputes and Contractual Disputes:
 Comments on China Tianfu Cola Group v. Pepsi Tianfu Corporation and
 Pepsi International Corporation
Chi Shaojie 
2011.2   94
Probing into Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure and
 Issue of Application of Law: Comments on Unionpay Case
Chi Shaojie 
2011.3   94
Opinions of the SPC, SPP, MPS and MJ on Several Issues Relating to
 Application of Law to Treatment of Criminal Cases of Intellectual Property Infringement  
2011.2   98
IP Event Witness
Overview of Seminar on Legal Issues Relating to Computer Fonts Bases and
 Fonts of Chinese Characters
2011.3   99
Forth Sino-US Moot Court of Intellectual Property 
2011.3 104
Highlights of Major Changes in Draft Revised Chinese Trademark Law
Jiang Tao 
2011.4 102

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