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Index (No.1-4/2012,Vol. 108-111)

Latest Developments in Trial of IP Cases by Beijing Higher People's Court in 2010 (Abridged)
The IP Tribunal of the Beijing
 Higher People’s Court
    2012.1   10 
Legal Issues of Conflicts between Trademark Right and Copyright
       Liang Hui
    2012.1   26 
A Comparative Study of Means-plus-Function Claims in China and United States
       Legal Affairs Department of CPA
    2012.2   14 
Latest Developments in Trial of IP Cases by Beijing Higher People's Court in 2011 (Abridged Part on Patent)
       The IP Tribunal of the Beijing
Higher People’s Court
    2012.2   34 
Amendments to Claims in Patent Invalidation Proceedings: PRB's Scope of Examination ex officio: Comments on Supreme People's Court's Opinions on Rejecting petition for certiorari with regard to Shanghai Jahwa Pharm. Tech., Co. Ltd. v. PRB
       He Huaiwen
    2012.2   47 
Latest Developments in Adjudication of IP Cases by Beijing Higher People's Court in 2011 (Selected Trademark Cases)
       The IP Tribunal of the Beijing
 Higher People’s Court
    2012.3   16 
Allowability of Amendments During Patent Grant Procedure: Comments on Yali Zheng v. Epson Corp., et al.
      He Huaiwen
    2012.3   39 
Assessing Inventiveness in Patent Invalidation Procedure
      He Huaiwen
    2012.4    7 
Patent Filing Strategies for R&D Resulted from China and the United States
      Xue Jilin
    2012.4   15    
Chinese Design Patent: Concept of "Normal Consumer" and Degree of Freedom of Designer: Comments on Patent Reexamination Board et al. v. Wanfeng Corp., No. Mintizi 5 (Supreme People's Court of P.R. China. 2010)
       He Huaiwen
    2012.1   38 
Reflections on Damages for Patent Infringement
      Xue Libo
    2012.1   47 
A Study on Design Patent-eligible Subject Matters in China
       Zhong Hua
      2012.2   56 
Latest Developments in Patent Amendment Standards: Comments on
 Supreme People's Court's Case No. Zhixingzi 17/2011
      Mao Jin
      2012.2   65 
Analysis of Follow-up Examination Procedure after Applicant's Amendment
 Going beyond Scope of Disclosure of Original Application
 in Patent Reexamination
      Song Hui
    2012.2   76 
Role of Object of Invention in Claim Construction
      Zhang Xiaodu
    2012.3   49 
Protection of and Application for Patent for Designs Incorporated
 in Combination Products
      Wang Meifang
    2012.3   60 
Evidence-governing Rules for Patent Inventiveness Assessment
      Shi Bisheng
    2012.3   72 
Theory for Interpreting Means-plus-function Features and
 Its Development Driven by Judicial Practice
      Lu Jianfeng, Li Qing
    2012.4   22 
Reflection on Introduction of Design Space Element in Determination of
 Design Patent
      Mao Jin, Qian Yijun
    2012.4   31 
Determination of "Combination" in Assessment of Design Patentability
      Wu Bing
    2012.4   39    
A Study on Trademarks of Geographical Names under Article 10, Paragraph Two,
 of Trademark Law
      Liu Xiaojun
    2012.1   58 
Protection of Character Names in Literature and Artistic Works in Trademark
 Registration Prosecution
      Zhou Liting
    2012.1   72 
Issue of "Similar Goods" in Application of Article 31 of Trademark Law
      Chi Shaojie
    2012.1   82 
Present Situation and Issues of Trademark Opposition Procedure in China and
 Recommended Improvement Thereof
      Liang Hui
    2012.2   86 
Public, Genuine and Legitimate Use of Trademarks in the Meaning of Trademark
 Law: Interpretation of recent judicial precedents
      Hu Gang
    2012.3   83 
On Extended Value of Well-known Marks and Fair Distribution Thereof
      Li Yonghong
    2012.3   91 
Why Later Applied "TANLUZHE" Mark Survived: Application of Article 28 of
 the Trademark Law from the Perspective of the "TANLUZHE"
      Zhao Jing
    2012.4   45 
How to Acquire Trademark Protection in China through International
 Registration under Madrid System
      Liang Hui
    2012.4   50 
Analysis of Issues of Sound Mark Registration
      Zhan Qian
    2012.4   58    
Punitive Damages Not a Sound Strategy to Address Tough Issues of
 IP Protection in China
      Zhang Guangliang
    2012.1   88 
Borderline of Active Judiciary as Shown in Interpretation and Application of
 Two Trademark Law Provisions
      Zhang Guangliang
    2012.2   97 
Probing into Legal Issues in Dispute over "Qiaodan"
      Zhang Guangliang
    2012.3   99 
Risks from Trade Secret Infringement Dispute in Foreign Countries:
 Comments on Tianrui Case
      Zhang Guangliang
    2012.4   98    
How to Clear up Examiners' Doubt about Excessive Amendments to
 Patent Applications
      Wang Lu
    2012.4   74    
Names Indicating Both Goods and Source Are Not Generic Names:
 Differentiation of Generic Names and Particular Names
      Zhou Yunchuan
    2012.1   97 
Determination of Distinctive Character and Aesthetic Function of
 Three-dimensional Marks
      Rui Songyan
    2012.4   83 
Understanding and Application of Article 26, Paragraph Four, of the Patent Law:
 What Can Be Learned from the Case Involving Invalidation of Patent for
 Precision Rotating Compensator
      Luo Xia
    2012.4   91    
       IP Event Witness
New Edition of Classification of Goods and Services for Trademark Registration
 in Force on 1 January 2012
      2012.1   51
Chinese Patent documents to Add to PCT Minimum Documentation
       2012.1   92
2012 AIPPI Chinese/Asia Seminar convened from 11-12 April 2012 in Beijing
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