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Index (No.1-4/2014, Vol. 116-119)

Setting Sail for a New Voyage Towards Professional Excellence and Brilliance
--Address Marking the Thirtieth Anniversary of China Patent Agent (H. K.) Ltd.
       Zeng Xiangling
2014.2    4
Elaboration on Beijing Higher People's Court's Patent Infringement
 Adjudication Guidelines
       Chen Jinchuan, Jiao Yan
2014.1    8
New Evidence in Patent Grant and Affirmation Administrative Cases
       Jiang Liwei
2014.1    22
Dilemma with Patent Protection of Software Modules in China
       Litigation Task Force of the Legal Affairs
       Department of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.
2014.2    12
Comparison between Practices Related to Functional Features in China and
 the United States: with comments on Nokia v. Huaqin
       Zhang Yan, Liu Xiaoyu and Liu Hehui
2014.2    26 
On "Means plus function" (continued): Questions and Recommendations
       Zhang Rongyan
2014.2    37 
Latest Developments in Adjudication of IP Cases by Beijing Higher
       The IP Tribunal of the Beijing
People's Court in 2013 (Abridged Part on Patent)
       Higher People's Court
2014.3    9 
A Comprehensive Analysis of Adjudication of Trademark Administrative Cases by
 Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court
       Rui Songyan
2014.3    26 
Latest Developments in Adjudication of IP Cases by Beijing Higher People's Court
       The IP Tribunal of the Beijing
in 2013 (Abridged Part on Trademark)
       Higher People's Court
2014.4    10
A Comprehensive Analysis of Adjudication of Trademark Administrative Cases by
 Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court
       Rui Songyan
2014.4    27     
A Comparative Study of Stability of Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent
       Meng Pu
2014.1    38 
Reflection on "Technical Problems Actually Solved by Inventions"
 in Inventive Step Assessment     
       Li Xiang, Zhu Ling,Wen Mei and Dai Lingli
2014.1    51 
Motivation and Lack of Motivation: Tentative Examination of Interaction between
 Closest Prior Art and Distinguishing Technical Feature
       Duan Liyan, Yang Cunji 
2014.1    58 
Integrity Principle and Contemplated Improvement of Law Provisions Concerning
 Determination of Patent Amendment Going Beyond Scope
       Wang Haicai 
2014.2    45 
Analysis of "functional Feature" in Designs
       Yang Kai
2014.2    53 
Hidden Danger in Application of "Non bis in idem Doctrine" in Patent Invalidation
 Examination and Solution Thereof
       Han Yuanmu, Wu Lijuan 
2014.2    63 
Comprehensive Adjudication of Infringement under Doctrine of Equivalents
 in View of Gree v. Midea
       Lu Shijie, Mao Xiwen and Steve Song
2014.3    42 
On Correspondence among Multiple Independent Claims and Basic Principles Thereof
       Yao Jianjun 
2014.3    55 
A Study on Amendment to Markush Claims in Invalidation Proceedings
       Legal Affairs Department of
       China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.
2014.3    66 
Several Important Issues in Determination of Infringement by Equivalents
       Jiao Yan
2014.4    46 
Value Consideration in Claim Construction in View of Patent
 Right Affirmation Procedure
       Yang Cunji
2014.4    62 
Probing into Practice Relevant to Implied Patent License in China
       Legal Affairs Department of
       China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. 
2014.4    72    
Co-existence Agreement and Trademark Registration
       Zhou Yunchuan
2014.1    67 
Conditions for Application of "Registration of Trademarks Acquired by Fraud"
 in Trademark Right Grant and Affirmation Cases
       Tao Jun 
2014.1    79 
Summary of Trademark License-Related Judicial Practice in China
       Pu Yuanshi
2014.3    80    
Questioning Rationality of and Necessity for Incorporating Droit de Suite
 in Copyright Law
       Sun Guorui, Bo Liang
2014.2    74    
Original Grant Patent System Expected to Be Introduced in Hong Kong
       Helen H. Jiang 
2014.1    87 
How to Use PPH to Expedite Prosecution in China  
       Gui Lin, Duan Liyan, Steve Song and Wei Lixian
2014.2    84 
Analysis of Patent Protection of GUI Innovative Points
       Nie Ningle, Huang Dehai 
2014.3    94 
Examination and Determination of Prior-design Defence: Logic and Method
       Zhu Li 
2014.4    84    
"One Invention, Two Applications": Discussion on Relevant Issues
       Zhang Rongyan 
2014.1    94 
Standard-essential Patent License viewed from Huawei v. IDG
       Shao Wei, Chi Shaojie 
2014.1    101 
Understanding and Application of Article 28 of the Trademark Law:
 Comments on the Case of "YMB" Trademark Opposition Reexamination
       Du Shanshan, Yang Jianzhong
2014.1    106 
Ownership of Right in Service Inventions Made in Execution of Tasks Assigned by
 Ones' Entities Not Subject to Contracts     
       Ling Zongliang 
2014.2    94 
Ways to Examined Prior Art Defence: Comments on Yancheng Zetian Machinery
 Co., Ltd. v. respondent Yancheng City Gereite Machinery Co., Ltd.  
       Zhang Xiaodu
2014.2    103 
Factors Considered in Assessing Novelty of Inventions Relating to Medical Use of
 Substance: Comments on Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. PRB
       Luo Xia
2014.3    106 
A Story of Battling Giants: Comments on GoerTek Acoustics v. Knowles Electronics      
       Song Haining
2014.4    98    
IP Event Witness
AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar  
2014.4    103
Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR & Macao SAR IP Symposium 2014
 Held in Hong Kong      
2014.4    104

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